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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Aryan and Kartik flying kites and competing. Naira wishes Kartik tries harder for the family’s sake. Kartik thinks shall I hurt Aryan’s heart by cutting his kite or of someone else by losing to him. Suwarna looks on. Baisa says I should go upstairs fast, Dadi can do anything. Dadi says till you come back, my work will be over. She doesn’t see the shank near tulsi plant and goes to look for it in Bhabhimaa’s room. Kirti asks Aryan to be careful. Manish comes to hold the thread roll. Kartik recalls Aryan’s words. Aryan thinks I won’t let you win, I will do anything to make you away from dad. Kartik and Aryan compete harder. Dadi sees Baisa and hides. Baisa leaves. Dadi cries and apologizes to Lord. She says I m stealing in my relatives’ house, I m

helpless, what shall I do. She doesn’t lose courage and gets back to do her work.

Manish reaches the roof’s end. Kartik turns and gets shocked seeing Manish. Manish slips and falls back. Kartik shouts Papa and leaves the kite string. He runs and holds Manish’s hand to save his life. Everyone gets shocked. Aryan’s hand gets cut by the string. Kartik hugs Manish and gets emotional. Everyone looks on and smile. Kartik asks where were you lost, can’t you see where you were stepping, are you a kid, what if something happened to you Papa. Manish smiles and looks at him. Naira signs Kartik. Manish asks did you call me Papa…. Kartik smiles and says yes Papa.

Manish hugs him. Naira thanks Lord. She sees Suwarna and smiles. She thinks Dadi should have been here to see this moment, where is she, I will go and call her. Dadi sees the shank near the tulsi plant. She smiles. She sees Baisa and hides. Naira looks for Dadi. Dadi thanks Lord for showing her the Shank. She takes the shank and keeps in her purse. She goes upstairs. She turns and looks back. She gets relieved and comes to everyone. She gets glad seeing Kartik and Manish hugging. Naira says I was finding you, it truly marked a new beginning, Kartik has called Manish as Papa. Dadi cries happily and says both of them look so good together. Suwarna hugs Dadi. Akhilesh says this is called relationship, Kartik left the competition and ran to save Manish. Everyone agrees. Suwarna says Manish has waited for this moment for years. Aryan cries. Naira asks Manish and Kartik to see Aryan.

Kartik says neither did I win nor you have lost, Lord didn’t wish us to have competition, because we are brothers, come. Aryan leaves his hand. He says congrats Papa, your biggest wish got fulfilled today. He leaves. Dadi says Suwarna, let him be, we will talk to him later. Kartik says don’t worry, we will convince him. Dadi thanks Lord that she got the shank, everything will be fine now. Baisa comes to everyone. She sees Dadi.

Dadi thinks the family shouldn’t know the shank is missing, I will keep this back once my work is over. Naksh sees a kite and asks Naira to see. They see the smiley kite flying in the sky. Akhilesh asks what happened. Naira says its Papa’s kite. They see Naitik flying the kite and smile.

Naitik greets and hugs everyone. The family blesses him. Naitik sees Dadi and recalls seeing her taking the shank. He blesses Kirti. He says sorry, I wasn’t there to welcome you after marriage. He gifts her jewelry from Akshara and his side, which they kept for Naksh’s wife. Naksh cries and asks won’t you go away again. Naitik says no, case got over completely. Naksh hugs him. Naitik finds Naira annoyed. He goes to her. She turns away and cries. Naitik holds his ears. She hugs him and says we missed you a lot, everyone was sad and cried. He wipes her tears. Yeh rishta….plays…..

Naira sings Dil se bandhi ek dor….. Everyone dances. Dadi’s bag falls. Shank comes out. Naira looks down.

Update Credit to: Amena


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