Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira saying we will have double celebrations today. They all sing Dil se bandhi ek dor…. and dance. Kartik dances with Manish. Naira dances with Naitik. Kirti recalls a similar moment with Naksh and smiles. Dadi’s bag falls down. She worries and sees the bag fallen. Everyone dances around. Naira gets hurt. Kartik asks are you fine. Naitik asks did anything hurt. Naira says there is something here. Dadi gets tensed and closes eyes.

Naira says Dadi and goes to her. Dadi worries. Naira shows Dadi’s necklace. She says you were not wearing this today, how did this come here, I stepped on it, it would have broken. Surekha says sorry, I must have dropped this, Dadi had given this to me for repair. She takes the necklace. Surekha signs Dadi. Naitik

looks at the bag.

Aryan is on the way. He stops at the signal. He sees his phone and gets angry. He says I want to love them and start hating. Dadi says we should leave now, its late. Bhabhimaa asks them to have food. Dadi says mahurat for puja will pass. Baisa asks what’s the matter, is your work over or you don’t like our company. Dadi says no, there is a puja at home. Kartik asks can’t we have it some other day. Naitik says maybe not, we should understand her. Dadi thanks Naitik. Naira and Kartik say we will come later. Dadi asks Kartik to let Naira be with Naitik. She asks Naira to come when she wants. They leave. Kartik says I shouldn’t disturb you and Naitik. Naira asks him to be with his dad. He says I will miss you. She says even I will miss you a lot, but I won’t come soon. They say I love you. He goes. Naira hugs Naitik and says I m so happy.

Dadi keeps the shank and cries. She says for the first time I have done such a bad thing. Surekha says so what, the result will be good. Dadi says I had a narrow escape today, thanks, we will keep shank in Kartik’s room and get blessing for a great grandson, then I will keep this back in singhania house. Naira compliments Naitik. They have sweets. He asks her is everything fine, is Dadi annoyed, does she have any problem. Naira says there are problems in every house, good thing is we are one family, did anything happen, why did you ask. He says no. Dadi does puja. Devyaani and Rajshri think where did the shank go. Surekha asks is this possible. Dadi says I m sure Naira will give birth to a boy after this puja. Surekha says I m doubtful. Dadi says where there is faith, there is no doubt, I will die only after seeing Kartik’s soon. She smiles.

Kirti shows the suit she designed for Naitik. She says I m really excited to see him open these gifts and react. Naksh says Naira was already there and now you, our family is famous to favor girls, Naitik’s love won’t reach me. She smiles and pulls his cheeks, asking is he feeling bad. They have an eyelock. A mosquito troubles them. Baatein kuch ankahee…..plays….. She gets shy. They try to kill the mosquito.

Naira says I don’t wish to go. Naksh says then don’t go. Naira says no, I have to go. Naitik asks her to go. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani where did she keep shank. Devyaani says we thought you kept it inside. Bhabhimaa says I didn’t take it. Naira says it won’t go anywhere. They try to find it. Naitik asks them to get quiet. Baisa asks what happened. Devyaani asks do you know about shank. Naitik says yes, don’t tell this to Naira and Kirti, Dadi has the shank. They get shocked. Baisa says I knew she was upto something. Kirti says we didn’t get the shank. Manish says I try my best but he is not ready to talk. Suwarna says give him some time. He says I m getting impatient, what shall I do, its human nature. She says we should be content. He says we shouldn’t lose hope. She smiles and thinks of Naira’s words. Dadi says its time for sunset, we have to keep the shank under their bedding. Surekha says Kartik is there. Dadi says it will be difficult if Naira comes. Dadi sees Naira. She hides the shank. Naira thanks her for letting her stay there. She says Bhabhimaa has sent these sweets, what’s this. Dadi says nothing. Surekha says we were waiting for you, you and Kartik have to light a diya in Dadi’s balcony, its already late. Naira goes. Surekha says you can place the shank under pillow now. Dadi praises her and goes.

Aryan collides and drops the shank. Naira says its Dadda ji’s shank. Aryan asks her to ask Dadi and Surekha, Dadi has done a theft for Kartik;s heir. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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