Naamkaran 16th January 2018 Episode written Update

Balu tells Vidyut that Neil has gone somewhere. Neil is in disguise of a Sardarji and he gets employed as Vidyut’s security guard. Vidyut sees the Sardarji and says that he has never seen him here before.

Vidyut scolds Balu for getting a man whom he does not know. Balu says he is Onkar Singh and he is a replacement for their other man. Vidyut asks to get all information on this man. Vidyut reads Onkar Singh’s CV and sees that he has worked for high profile people in the past. Vidyut has a bad cough. Vidyut calls up a man to ask about Onkar Singh and he gets a good feedback.

The man is Ali. Vidyut tells Onkar Singh that he feels he has seen him earlier. Vidyut coughs a lot and falls to the ground getting seizures. Balu scolds Onkar Singh for not doing anything. Balu calls someone to arrange for chartered plane. Neil realizes they are taking Vidyut to Mexico.

Neela gets seizures and faints and the goons call up someone to get medicines for her. Neil calls up someone to get information of Vidyut’s doctor. Avni cuts the live wire and Sunehri sees her. Sunehri says that she will see how Avni runs. Vidyut’s men call up doctor to get medicine for Neela. Neil comes to the doctor’s cabin and beats him.

Neil gets the number from Doctor’s phone and calls up DD and asks him to trace the number. DD refuses as there are riots so Neil gets his access code and traces the number.

Avni asks Ragini to be ready by 7 in the evening. Ragini says she will handle everything. Jailer looks at them. Neela is acting to be unconscious and the men are waiting for the medicine. Neela frees herself and attacks a man with a rod. Neil faces hurdles on the road because of the riots.

At night, Avni asks Ragini to be ready. All inmates drink tea and fall sick. Ragini tells Avni that she has added something in the drink to take them unconscious for some time. All inmates are taken to hospital. Lights in the prison suddenly go off.

Ragini and Avni prepare to run but Sunehri comes there and stops them saying that she too wants to run along with them. Avni tries to stop her but Sunehri insists. Neela runs away and the men search for her. Neil enters in Sardarji clothes.

Sunehri warns Avni that she will not let them run without her. Ragini allows Sunehri. Sunehri says she will go first. Flashback shows that Avni had planted a sharp glass piece on the wall to hurt Ragini. Flashback ends. Sunehri goes first and gets stabbed by the glass piece. Sunehri falls on the ground.

Neil approaches Neela and Neela runs away. Neil runs after her but Vidyut’s men also come there so Neil does a drama of trying to catch Neela. Neil misguides the men about Neela’s direction. Neela wonders why he is lying. Neela sits in a car and Balu catches her.

Precap: Commissioner interrogates Avni and Ragini and asks them to explain everything. Avni says that Ragini made the whole plan to run and Sunehri tried to stop her so Ragini stabbed her. Ragini gets furious. Avni thinks that she will destroy Ragini and Vidyut.


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