Naamkaran 17th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Neela is about to start the car but Balu catches her. Neil sees everything and gets angry. Balu warns Neela that he will kill her. Neil says he will handle and catches Neela’s hand and tries to signal her. Bebe is worried for Neil and calls up Ali and tells him that they have to search for Neil. Balu scolds Neil and says he will handle Neela. Ali tells Bebe everything about his and Neil’s plan. Bebe gets angry as Neil is getting trapped in Vidyut’s trouble. Neil drives the car along with Vidyut’s goons and he purposely takes a wrong route. Bebe says that she wants to meet Avni. Ali says that he will take her to Avni after riots get over. Neil gets stopped at a nakabandi and DD is there. Neil signals DD and tells him about Neela’s location. Commissioner comes there and sees Neil in disguise.

Sunehri is in severe pain and Avni and Ragini look on.  Ragini tells Avni that she had laid this trap for her but Sunehri ended up getting injured. The doctor informs jailer that he cannot come there because of the riots. Jailer asks if anyone knows anything about medical first aide. Avni says that she knows. Doctor gives instruction through video call. Avni fears that she will harm Sunehri even more. Avni imagines Neil there and Neil tells her that she can save Sunehri as she had saved him too. Avni starts working on Sunehri hearing doctor’s instructions. Avni prays. Avni imagines Neil encouraging her. Doctor shows how to stich up the wound and Avni does it. Avni completes the procedure and tells Sunehri that the trap was for Ragini but she got trapped instead. Doctor informs Balu that Vidyut’s second kidney may fail and he may be in trouble. Neela is in Balu’s car and comes to know that Vidyut has gone to Mexico for kidney operation. Balu calls up jailer and says that he wants Ragini’s signature. Ragini prays for Vidyut’s health. Jailer asks Ragini to tell her the next plan as their current plan failed. Jailer says that Sunehri failed their plan. Ragini says she will come up with another plan. Ragini says that she will ensure that Avni does not escape with her. Ragini says she wants to end Vidyut’s obsession for Avni. Neil tells commissioner that he wants to go to the jail. Commissioner refuses. Neil says that Avni’s mother has been kidnapped by Vidyut. Neil asks for a last chance and commissioner allows him. Avni and Ragini get interrogated by Jailer. Jailer taunts Avni and says that she wanted to escape with Sunehri too. Commissioner comes there and says that he wants to know the whole story and whether Sunehri wanted to run. Avni says that Ragini is responsible for everything. Ragini gets furious.  Avni says that Ragini was trying to run and Sunehri wanted to stop her.  Avni says that she too heard the noise and went there. Jailer says that she is lying. Avni says Jailer was not there. Avni makes up a false story and puts all the blame on Ragini. Ragini loses her control and tries to attack Avni. Avni says that everything was planned out by Ragini. Commissioner says that Ragini will not get any special treatment and will be sent in dark cell.

Precap: Avni and Ragini are in dark cell. Avni shows a card to Ragini and says that the card will help them to escape. Avni tells Ragini that she wants to see her mother safe in exchange of the card.


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