Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira saying family lineage can be taken ahead by girls too. She shows Radhe Krishna written in puja plate. She says Radha is mentioned before Krishna’s name, similarly Siya Ram, when Devis and Devtas gave a higher place to women, we can atleast treat men and women equally. Kartik asks Dadi to answer her. Dadi says I did this for you. Kartik says we always obeyed you, but this wish of yours will never get fulfilled. Naira says I will not support anything wrong. Kartik says baby will be ours, if we have no right to decide about a boy or girl, why shall anyone else have this right. Dadi asks don’t I have a right on you. He says I m supporting Naira as she is right, you always find flaws in Naira, she has always supported you. He praises daughters.


says I will get happy if Naira gives birth to a daughter, I will get a little Naira. Dadi says I don’t want this, everything will be finished if another Naira is born, you are so blinded for the love of your wife, I told this to you, see its proved today. Kartik angrily goes.

Dadi says Kartik will support you. Naira says I m going to return this shank. Manish says no, it would get embarrassing for me. Akhilesh says yes, its Kirti’s Sasural too. Naira says they would be worried, let me go. Dadi says you can’t go, I will not allow you for this. Naira says sorry and goes.

Naira comes home. Naitik asks what happened. Naira says I had to give you something. She gives him his fav sweets. She says I have to take some stuff and goes. She keeps the shank in temple and prays. She says its my responsibility to keep harmony between both families. Naitik comes and sees the shank placed there. He says I m really proud to get a daughter like you, you have taken care of entire family. She thanks him and says I learnt all this from you and mumma, I find it really difficult at times. They talk.

Manish and Akhilesh worry and ask Surekha why did she support Dadi in theft. Manish says Naira has gone to return shank, everyone wants to do things as per their wish. Suwarna says Naira didn’t tell anything to them, Kirti spoke to me, she said Naira came to take her things, she didn’t taint our honor. Manish smiles.

Baisa says no need to make anything for Dadi, she can come and steal anything she wants. Naitik says we should honor Naira’s efforts, we shouldn’t hurt her family. Kirti asks Naksh to come along, there is interiors issue. Naksh asks her to go alone, he has a meeting. Kirti goes.

Naksh says you could have helped her. Naksh says I don’t want to help, Kirti is capable, she has no confidence, I want her to become independent. Bau ji agrees with Naksh. Kirti says Naksh should have come with me, but he refused. Dadi says I have to tell Kartik that I m not wrong. Surekha says he is very angry. Dadi goes to Kartik.

She says nothing is imp to me than your happiness, Naira is stubborn, I have seen the world, I have much experience, you will understand me if you listen once. She explains him the importance to have a heir. He says you are immature, if we have a daughter, how would you treat Naira, I have taken a decision, I don’t want children, Naira and I won’t have a baby. Dadi gets shocked. Naira looks on. Dadi sees Naira. Naira apologizes and says our views are different about this. Dadi says I have understood what you are doing, you have controlled Kartik that he can’t think on his own. Naira says whatever he said, its by his wish. Dadi goes. Naira hugs Kartik. He says I m sorry, I didn’t tell you before saying such a big thing, I don’t regret it. He says I have tolerated a lot since childhood, its time I stand against wrong. Naira says fine, you didn’t have to hurt Dadi. He says I was angry, I did what I felt right, I know you don’t like when someone is upset, but sometimes we should make people realize their mistake. She nods. They hug.

Kartik says why do you want to work outside when you have family business. Aryan badly scolds him. He says this family accepted me, but their son will always be Kartik. Naira hears Dadi and Surekha.

Update Credit to: Amena


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