Ishqbaaz 18th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Shivaay seeking blessings from Jhanvi, Dadi and Pinky for Rudra and Bhavya. Rudra and Bhavya get engaged. Lily throws the discuss, Shivaay’s neck gets cut, all get shocked.

Some time back…

Anika sends Lily away. Anika gives the next clue, Ruvya get the ring box. Shivaay makes a video call to Dadi and makes her part of the Ruvya engagement. Jhanvi joins in the call and gets emotional. Pinky comes in the video, all get emotional, Shivaay seeks their blessing for Rudra and Bhavya. Dadi, Pinky and Jahnvi bless Ruvya, Ruvya get engaged. Lily eyes them and decides to kill Shivaay. Obros and Oberoi Bahus share Obro moment. Tej gets angry. In the night, Shivaay praises Anika for supporting him throughout. Anika tells Shivaay that he can fight everyone for his family and will reunite it. Shivaay thinks that family can be reunited and Ruvya can get married in Oberoi Mansion only if he finds the truth of Kalyani Mills, exposes Svetlana and proves Tej innocent.

Rudra cribs that he has to do all the work even when he is getting married. Lily gets ready to kill Shivaay. Shivika call Rikara and Ruvya for dinner, Lily comes and throws the pizza at Shivaay, all get shocked, pizza lands on Shivaay’s shoulder, all laugh at Shivaay, Lily gets shocked.

Veer gets angry with Lily. They wonder where the discus went, Veer sees Shweta eating the pizza.

FB shows Shweta taking the Pizza from Shivaay’s home, Veer gets angry with Shweta, Veer decides to punish Shweta. Next morning, Anika gets breakfast for Shivaay, he acts strange while on the call.

Anika gets suspicious about the call as Shivaay asks her to leave from the room. Tej gets angry with Shivaay for taking away Omkara and Rudra from him. Tej decides to remove Shivaay’s existence from Omkara and Rudra’s lives. Svetlana comes to Tej and offers to help Tej in his motive. Anika hears Shivaay telling someone about missing the person on the call, Anika gets shocked, OmRu join Anika.

Tej decides to join hands with Svetlana to finish Shivaay. Svetlana gets happy. Shivaay comes out, Omkara tells Shivaay that Anika and Rudra were listening to Shivaay’s conversation. Shivaay tells them to start preparing for the Lohri celebration. Anika remains stunned.


Anika gets worried and cries remembering the previous Lohri, Shivaay consoles her.


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