Naamkaran 18th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Commissioner says to keep Ragini is solitary confinement. Ragini screams that Avni is lying. DD congratulates Avni for saving Sunehri’s life. DD gives q note to Avni while shaking hands with her. Neil returns home and Bebe confronts him. Bebe scolds Neil that he put his own life in danger without consulting her. Neil says he is on a secret mission. Bebe tells Neil that she does not want to put him in a dilemma. Beeb gives a bag to Neil and ask him to keep it. Bebe says that the bag has clothes, food and Prasad. Bebe assures Neil that she is always with him.

Avni opens the note that DD gave her but jailer sees her. Jailer takes away the note and asks if it is from Neil. Jailer sees that that note is blank. Jailer tells Avni that she managed to trap Ragini but she will not be able to trap her.

Avni asks Jailer why she herself is not helping Ragini to run. Jailer tells Avni that she is Ragini’s to be daughter in law and therefore Ragini wants to take her along. Jailer tells Avni that her mother has been taken as a captive and therefore Avni has to run away with Ragini as soon as possible. Jailer leaves and Avni takes the note.

Avni recalls DD’s signal to decode the note. Avni takes water in a plate and puts her Kajal in it and puts the water on the paper. The words appear and she reads that Neil has written that he is searching for Neela and Commissioner is helping him. Avni wonders why Neil is bearing all problems alone.

Balu gets Neela to a house and she counts her steps. Neela has a blindfold but she realizes that there is someone else in the house. Neela realizes there is someone in the upstairs room. Balu warns Neela not to try to run. Balu leaves the house leaving Neela alone. Neela’s hands are tied.

Neela counts her steps and tries to reach the kitchen. Neela manages to reach the kitchen and gets a knife and starts to cut her rope. Neela’s hands get free and she takes off her blindfold. Neela goes up the stairs and enters a room and looks around. Neela hears a sound from the cupboard and tries to open it. Neela sees door inside the cupboard. Avni goes to Ragini’s cell and Ragini thinks it is jailer.

Avni says that she knows all the ways in the jail and therefore she came here. Avni shows Ragini a card and tells her that this card will help them to escape. Avni says that Jailer would never give her this card as she cannot let herself fall in trouble. Avni tells Ragini that she can run away with the card. Avni says that she wants to see her mother’s safety in exchange of the card. Avni says she wants to see the video of her mother’s safety or else she will make her life hell in jail.

Neela enters the room and sees another room there. Neela enters the room and sees Mishti in the room. Neela is surprised to see Mishti alive. Neela hears the guards coming towards the house. Neela tells Mishti not to say anything to anyone and she will come to meet her again. Neela gets out of the room and goes back to the living room and puts on blindfold and rope on her hands. Neil enters the house as Onkar Singh and asks Neela to get up. Neil says that Balu ordered him to take her video. Neil touches Neela’s feet and shows his eyes to her and Neela recognizes Neil.

Precap: Avni knows Neil will save Neela. Neela takes Neil’s name by mistake and Balu gets alerted.


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