Ishqbaaz 19th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Anika getting worried about Shivaay. Svetlana tells Veer that she knows Shivaay’s weakness. Anika gets scared thinking about Komal. Some time back…Veer exercises angrily and thinks that for the first time his plans are failing. Veer gets restless but gets determined to get Anika. Svetlana comes there and offers to help Veer to separate Shivaay and Anika. Shivaay decides to invite Veer for Lohri and goes towards Veer’s house. Svetlana tells Veer that she knows Shivaay’s weakness, Shivaay enters Veer’s house and sees the broken glass. Svetlana hides behind the door, Veer covers up. Shivaay invites Veer, Shweta and Monali for Lohri. Gauri instructs the staff for the Lohri preparation, Rudra gets emotional as he misses the family and Dadi on Lohri. Suddenly Dadi comes with Shivaay, Chubby and Khanna.

All get very happy to see Dadi. Anika gets emotional meeting Dadi. Anika and OmRu realize that Shivaay was talking to Dadi on the phone. Bhavya comes to see Dadi, Dadi blesses Bhavya. Shivaay hopes that all will turn fine. Anika gets worried as Dadi mentions Lohri celebration. Except for Anika, others enjoy the sweets. Later, Dadi gets disturbed as Jhanvi doesn’t answer her call. Shivaay asks Dadi about senior Oberois, he gets emotional, Dadi consoles him but feels sad over the broken family. Dadi cries thinking she could not keep the promise of the united family to Shivaay’s grandfather. Shivaay consoles Dadi and promises to rectify everything. Shivaay says next year’s Lohri function will be in Oberoi Mansion. Anika remembers previous Lohri where Shivaay was shot and gets disturbed. Shivaay notices her, Anika reminds Shivaay about previous Lohri. Anika remembers the mysterious lady and her curse. Anika worries for Shivaay. Anika says the police has not found her dead body and wonders about her mystery. Shivaay asks Anika to trust him and that he will take care of everything. Svetlana tells Veer their biggest obstacle is Shivaay and to get rid of Shivaay, Veer must join hands with Svetlana.


Shivaay tells Anika that till they have their family and they together with each other, noone can defeat them, Svetlana tells Veer that they have to make a master plan to separate Shivika.


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