Kasam Tere Pyar ki 19th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with AK telling Tanuja that Natasha is his first love and he can give bangle to her. He asks will you accept my mum’s bangles. Tanuja accepts it and says it is beautiful. AK says I was crying here, but I am a strong and tough guy, loves boxing. He asks her to wear bangles. Tanuja looks on. Rano brings Rishi to temple and asks him to hear carefully. She tells that a pandit came here who solves all problems. Rishi says they are thugs and fool people. Rano says I am not doing this to make you marry Netra, but doing this for Natasha. She asks him to meet him.

Rishi meets Pandit ji and do havan. Pandit ji tells that God will fulfill all your wishes and blesses him. Rano asks Mata Rani to fulfill all his wishes. Rishi looks at Mata rani idol.

Tanuja is at home and checks photo

album of her engagement with AK. Tanuja thinks heart feelings in God’s hand. She takes Rishi pic out and keeps it in the box. A song plays…………….she recalls the moments with Rishi and AK asking her not to meet Rishi again. Pandit ji tells that your son can marry whoever he wants, all the hurdles are gone now. Rishi asks Rano if she is at peace. Rano says she got peace now.

Rishi sits in temple stairs to tie his shoe lace. Tanuja comes there and her dupatta falls on his face. Rishi and Tanuja looks at each other. Lejaye song plays…Rishi says you? You came here following me. She asks if she is missing him. Tanuja says you have become just memory and says she has kept his pic in the old stuff. Rishi says you wanted this and asks her to ask which she wants with true heart. He says pandit ji told that I will marry the girl I loves. Tanuja says you always think about you. They recall the moments. Le Jaye Kahan song plays…..

Tanuja comes home and tells Maasi that she will cook. She says she went to temple and took Pandit’s blessings. Maasi says that Pandit ji is very powerful and says good things will happen. Tanuja asks AK to go and bring Natasha. AK says ok and calls Natasha.

Natasha plays with Tania. Tania says I like her. Rishi says I like both. Rano brings Raj and says where is his specs. Natasha brings his specs and gives to him. Raj wears it and thanks him. Rano says she will take care of you and scold you. They decide to play train train and ask Ahana to become engine. They run behind Ahana and plays.. AK comes there. Rano asks him to come inside. AK says he came to pick up Natasha. Natasha says I will stay here only. Ak asks her to come. Rishi asks him not to force her, let her play. AK asks him not to force her. Natasha hugs Rishi and refuses to go. AK asks him not to talk about such things. He asks Servant to take her. Rishi says she is my daughter. AK says she was your blood, but she is mine now. They get angry and fight. Raj asks AK to go. Rishi says he will marry netra and get Natasha. AK says thank god and says you will never get my daughter Natasha.

Rishi tells Manpreet that he will marry Netra to bring natasha home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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