Naamkaran 19th Janaury 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni is scared while working in kitchen and worries for Neela’ safety. Avni ends up cutting her finger. Avni is sure that Neil will save Neela. Balu sets up camera in front of Neela and Neela mistakenly takes Neil’s name. Neela gets tensed. Neil as Onkar Singh saves Neela by distracting Balu.

Onkar Singh says that Balu is most important in Vidyut’s absence. Balu gets happy and tells Onkar Singh that he will get him promoted. Neil asks Neela to talk in front of camera. Neela says in front of camera that she is completely alright. Neela says that she wishes to see her once. Balu scolds Neela to stop talking.

Balu calls up Jailer and tells her that video is completed. Balu asks Jailer whether he should send her the video and jailer refuses and asks Balu to come personally with the video and show her. Balu instructs to lock up Neela. Neil thinks it is difficult to talk to Neela with guards being around.

Jailer asks Avni why she is sweeping as it is Tara and Sitara’s duty. Avni says that they stayed up all night to take care of Sunehri so she is doing their work. Constable tells Jailer that Avni has been doing all the work in the jail since morning. Jailer goes to Ragini and tells her that Avni is not interested in running away and is wasting their time.

Constable informs Jailer that Ragini has been called for inquiry. Jailer tells Ragini not to drag her in any trouble. Ragini says that Vidyut will handle everything. Next morning, Balu tells Neela that he is going to Avni to show her the video. Onkar Singh tells Balu that he should not go as everyone knows him. Jailer informs Balu that Ragini has been taken for inquiry and Balu scolds Jailer. Jailer tells Balu not to come. Balu says he will send his man. Balu tells Onkar to take the video to the jail and show it to Avni.

Onkar says he will do the work properly. Ragini is brought for inquiry. Commissioner and DD overlook the inquiry. Commissioner asks DD to call Neil to see the interrogation. DD calls up and Neil tells DD he cannot come as he has to go to meet Avni. Neil leaves to meet Avni. Jailer tells Avni someone will come to meet her and she has put the CCTV cameras off in the room.

Neil comes to the room and Avni asks him who he is. Neil takes off his sunglasses and Avni recognizes him. Avni gets happy and hugs Neil. Avni tells Neil that she missed him a lot. Avni asks Neil why he has taken Sardarji avtaar. Neil says to reach her he has done this. Avni gets angry with Neil for leaving her and hits him. Avni scolds Neil for sending her to jail and then becoming Neo and taking such a big risk. Neil scolds Avni for running away from prison. Neil promises Avni he will not harass her again. Neil informs Avni that Neela is safe and he will rescue her.

Neil asks Avni not to run away from jail and he will get her out soon. Avni tells Neil that they are doubting her that she does not want to escape with Ragini. Neil says that Vidyut is out of town. Neil informs about how Neela got kidnapped as she had tried to get information. Neil asks Avni to make a fake escape plan. Neil shows Avni Neela’s video. Avni says that Neela is trying to give her some message through finger sign language. Neil googles the sign language and they come to know that she is giving the sign of Mishti.

Precap: Jailer tells in front of everyone that Avni is trying to escape again and shows the card. Ragini tells Avni that Neela and Neil will suffer and die.


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