Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking what happened to him. The guy holds the aerial clothes and suspends in air. The lady says he has consumed much medicines, he is behaving strange. Naira asks Sahil to come down, Rano will come, talk to her. Naitik and Devyaani see Kirti. Devyaani says she looks worried. Naiitk says yes, I m worried now. She says Naksh has to learn a lot before teaching Kirti. Naitik thinks to meet Naksh.

Dadi asks kids to see Kartik. Kartik says he has gone with Naira, he will drop her and go to his office. Dadi calls Manish. She says Kartik is coming, he left from home, he will manage everything, don’t worry, don’t get angry. Manish says don’t worry, I knew my son won’t ever leave me alone. Naksh sees Naitik skateboarding on the road. He runs to help.

Naitik says how will I learn if I don’t fall. Naksh says you will get hurt. He stops Naitik. Naitik says you are doing the same with Kirti, you should leave her hand once her fears ends. Naksh says I understood what you mean to say, sorry. Naitik says your intention was right, just make Kirti feel you are with her. Naksh nods.

Kartik asks what’s this, I saw you running in rear view and came back. She says you go, I will handle it. He says I need to be here. Sahil says see my tarzan step. Naira says he is not letting us do anything. The girl says we will get mattresses, he should fall.

Clients wait for Kartik. Manish looks on. Aryan stays outside. Naira says I have an idea, I have a better step than of Tarzan. She signs Kartik. Kartik says Sahil can’t do it. Sahil says I will do it. He says I learnt it so soon, hang firmly and then jump down, Pakka Aam step. He falls and shows Sahil. He asks Sahil to do it. Sahil jumps down. Kartik smiles.

Everyone lifts Kartik and Naira. Manish angrily leaves. Dadi asks maid to make gajar halwa. Surekha says my tensions got over. Dadi says I won’t tolerate if Kartik-Naira’s love affects Kartik and Manish’s relation. Kids say we were seeing Kartik and Naira’s video posted by someone. Dadi sees the video and says its recently posted. Manish, Akhilesh and Aryan come back. Dadi shows the video to Manish.

Manish throws the phone and says Kartik didn’t come to office, I made clients wait for hours, they got annoyed and left. Aryan says Manish was embarrassed there. Suwarna says maybe something happened. Dadi says its Naira’s fault, not Kartik. She argues with Suwarna. She shows the video to Suwarna. She says Naira is responsible for this, she has controlled Kartik and you too. Suwarna says truth is something else. She asks Manish to understand. Manish says I understood everything, mum is right, Kartik had denied the work because of dance academy, its Naira’s influence, he didn’t do this when he used to hate me. Naira looks on. Manish says Naira changed him, he will believe Naira and not us, he is blind in her love, Naira made him blind, I didn’t know she acts good, but she is so cunning…. They see Naira. Naira goes to them. Kartik comes and says I reached office and got to know… Manish says forget it. Kartik says I wasn’t informed about meeting. Manish says you left home for office, where did you go, I would have told you about meeting if you came there. Kartik says I was coming, but Naira’s dance academy… Manish says something happened that was imp than meeting. He asks Suwarna to help him, if she busy or does she have time for him. Suwarna goes.

Naitik meets someone at a restaurant. He says sorry, its late. She says you should tell everything to your family. He says I won’t be able to tell them. The lady gives him coffee. She says it has been several months, you have hidden this from them, you shouldn’t hide this, I m trying to convince you, please agree. She holds his hand. Naira says its all my fault, I should have not gone to academy with you. He calms her and hugs. She recalls Manish’s words. Suwarna says you will realize its not Naira’s mistake, I m afraid she heard us and got hurt. Manish says their relation doesn’t get affected by anything, but its badly affecting all of us. He goes. Naira says you know… Kartik says please calm down, we can’t change past, we can make future better, I will get this deal for company, Manish is hurt, I will work hard, I will seal this deal on Manish’s conditions. She says I have complete faith in you.

Baisa says Dadi made Naira out first and then she has stolen the shank. Everyone gets shocked seeing….

Update Credit to: Amena


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