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AvNeil FF: The Bodyguard Part 2

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Avni pulled Neil to the bed, wiping away his blood, she moved away

“You know with how you hit me I dont think you need a bodyguard”

Avni turned, glaring at me

“Well you were just stood in my room and you lied to me”

“Well you assumed I was a thief”

Avni rolled her eyes “Thats what normal people do”

As she put the box back , she squealed as she turned to face Neil

“Oh wow, wheres your shirt”

Covering her eyes, she peaked through them

In all the rush she hadnt noticed how good looking he was

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Neil laughed “Theres blood on it”

“Well thats no excuse to walk around naked”

Laughing again “I’m not naked im topless, I can be”

Before he could finish the sentence Avni threw a towel at him

“Ow are you trying to hurt me”

“Yes, now cover up”

Avni stepped up to grab a box when she stood back she bumped into Neil

“Am I distracting you”

Gulping she turned and shoved him back

“No, now go and do your job”

Laughing he walked away to his room

Resting against the door she fanned herself

Having a handsome bodyguard was not as easy as it seemed


Author: Mayakhan12

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