Zindagi Ki Mehak Zesty Stories

Meherya SS: Fatal Attraction

Character Sketch :
Shaurya Khanna : He belonged to a rich powerful political family from Delhi …His world changed when his father’s enemies killed his parents and he took the wrong ways to get justice for his parents death…Now he has become a powerful Don by killing  his God Father ,when he came to know that he just used him to take his revenge..
Mahek Sharma : A simple middle class orphan girl ..who lives in a joint family and her hobby and passion is cooking…how her life changes completely when she accepts an unknown friend request on FB Big smile
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Mahek was sitting on a bed in a dark room, wearing her bridal dress , her mouth and hands were tied and she was tired after trying to free herself from hours …her hairs were messed and her mascara was spread over her face …she was about to faint when she heard someone opening the door…she tried to look but at the person but couldn’t see because of darkness…he came near Mahek and freed her hands …I will remove that cloth from your mouth also if you promise me that you will not shout again…Mahek nodded her head in agreement as she didn’t had any energy left to shout or any argument…but she realized she had heard this voice before… he took out his mobile and kept the light on her face and removed the cloth…in the process Mahek can see his eyes and was trying to remember where she had seen him before…After removing the person opened the lights of the room and turned towards Mahek ..she looked at him confusingly and questioned..who the hell are you and why did you kidnapped me from my wedding?? He came near her and wispered in her ears that he is her would be husband… Shaurya Khanna , Mahek eyes turned red …why do you want to marry me …I don’t even know you..she shouted , You know me Mahek , Infact no one in the world knows me better than you he said with a smirk…and took out some legal documents … what are these papers ?? she asked with a confusion… Nothing jaan I need a small signature of your’s on this after which you will be my legally wedded wife …he said lifting and kissing her hand and handed her the pen…She stared him with eyes full of haterdnes..I never sign on this paper…she shouted back…Jaan do it willingly else I have other ways to get this signed…and iam sure you don’t want to make it complicated for me…he said making her hold the pen…I will die here but iam going to sign this papers..Mahek declared .
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Shaurya has completed his MBA in business management in UK , he had hardly spend his life in India , after his graduation he wanted to establish his business in Delhi and wanted to expand it across India , but his father Harish Khanna had some other expections from him ,he wanted him to join politics as he always thought he will be a powerful leader and has a vision which can change the future of not only his state but whole country…

Harish was a honest and brave politician he had a strong support and if Shaurya would have joined politics than he was sure their party would win the election…But destiny had some other plans when Shaurya came back to India and before his dad can officially made him joined their party…harish and Karuna were killed by his rival party leader KD .. with the help of an under world don Jindal as they wanted the power .

It was a big blow for Shaurya , he wanted to go back to UK and start his life afresh their but his father’s associates wanted him to join the party…He was never interested in politics but as his dad had also the same wish ,he agreed to join and the news spread like fire in the society…His enemies weren’t happy with the news and hence they tried to even kill him , they have called him as a well wisher and said they wanted to give some information about his parents killer and asked him to come to a isolated mall on outskirts of the city …and asked him to come alone, His best friend and lawyer Rajeev and his cousin Vicky had tried to stop him saying it could be some trap but Shaurya was ready to put his life at risk to get the information…he had disguised himself and entered the mall and his bodyguard’s were roaming in civil dress..but his predators were able to recognize him and had trapped him in the lift without any bodyguard …

they were not alone in the lift but along with the 2 girl’s in their early twenties who came to the mall as their was a big sale ,goons were waiting for the girls to go out the lift but luckily their was some technical issues and lift got stuck, one of the girl shouted loudly…Sonal I’m scared of dark , Sonal asked her not to worry and was searching for her mobile in her bag , goons thought this was the perfect opportunity for them to kill Shaurya…they took out the gun and holded on his back, and questioned him any last wish?? Before Shaurya can react …Sonal had took out her phone and flashed the light on her friend’s face ,She took a deep breath but her eyes fell on gun and she immediately understood the situation , before they can shoot , she took out chilly spray from her bag and sprayed on their eyes … Shaurya pounced back at the goons and snatched their gun .. lift started working and it stopped on first floor…as soon as the lift got opened Shaurya handed goons to his bodyguard’s and both the girls fled away from the scene as they didn’t wanted to involve themselves in the police case … Shaurya couldn’t even thank them for saving his life and neither knows the name of the girl who saved him ..

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This incident changed his life and he was no more interested in joining politics now …all he wanted was power and revenge, he later joined hands with Munjal who wanted to rule the underworld as they both had the common enemies KD and Jindal , Munjal used his brain to get the power and finally they eliminated their enemies , but things didn’t stopped their when a informer gave a tip that Munjal wanted to kill Shaurya aslo as he could later create problems for him but before he could chalk out his plans , Shaurya had turn the tables by killing Munjal and getting the power , which he never wanted but now willingly or unwillingly he had to stay in this criminal world …Rajeev and Vicky had advised him to stay away for few weeks till the investigation is going on in KD , Jindal and Munjal case , for few months he stayed in UK than when he heard that police wasn’t not able to get any clues and they decided to close the case thinking they all had rivalry so possibly Munjal mens must have killed KD and Jindal and any of their associates must have killed Munjal for revenge …

Shaurya came back to Delhi and was living a low profile life his motive was now to remove all the dirt from society which wasn’t possible if he would have joined politics…not just goons but he has also killed many corrupt officers and politicians…his life has changed completely their was no personal motive of his life , their was no one who will stop him or scold him when he is doing something wrong or even care for him that he ate or not…had slept or not, he was working day and night like a robot and peace and sleep we’re away from his life…and his men can see the effect of his lack of rest as he kept on shouting at them even for small things…

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Rajeev advised him to try some home remedies for sleep so that his brain can get some rest , first Shaurya took it as a joke but later once he was alone he started searching for some home remedies as he seriously needed some sleep , he started browsing on net and he wasn’t aware where his search is leading him to …he found a recipe Golden Latte on a facebook page , he opened the page and noted down the ingredients, he had a look at the page it was filled with some rare recepies which he had hardly listened about , and their was a small description on the page “Dedicating This Page To My Mother Meera Sharma” he tried to search the pics of the owner but their was no pics on the page , he stopped his surfing and went to kitchen to make the remedy …he got all the ingredients but wasn’t able to find cinnamon powder…he called his butler Aawara who had helped him in searching but he was in a great shock to see his master in the kitchen and that too at this odd hour … shuarya gulped down the milk and later had a peaceful sleep .

Next morning Shaurya felt fresh and wanted to thank the person for the recipe , but the message option was disabled… as there was no option left Shaurya had send her a friend request with his fake I’d karela king … Mahek Sharma who saw the the friend request in the night wondered who the person could be and was little bit hesitant to add him ,she looked at his profile but their was nothing from which she can judge him or recognize whether he is a known person or stranger…, she send him a message..

MS : Who is this ???
Shaurya smiled reading her message and than replied..
KK : friend who wants to thank you for your recipe …
MS : Recipe ?? Which Recipe ??
KK : Golden Latte… you don’t even have a idea how it helped me to get some peaceful sleep for which I was craving for weeks ..Thank you so much ..
Mahek smiled reading the message and replied

MS : Welcome..it’s actually my mom’s recipe and I have dedicated this page to her ..
KK : Yeah I have read that …can we be friends ??
Mahek paused for a second and thought he look a decent person and their is no harm in having a virtual friend …she accepted the friend request and than they chatted for hours…later when both felt sleepy both logged out and forgot to ask their real names … Their chats continued the next night as well and this time Mahek broke the silence by asking his real identity… Shaurya replied that he don’t reveal his real identity on Facebook and mahek humoured that he must be having two reasons to hide his identity… either he is a big celebrity or some criminal… Shaurya paused for a minute and replied ..yes IAM a criminal , Mahek’s face frowned reading that and she didn’t answered back anything…He pinged her than ..RU there ?? , Mahek got scared and she didn’t replied anything…than Shaurya again pinged her saying he was just kidding …Mahek took a big sigh and replied…It was a very bad joke KK with a sad face…
He understood her fear and had to lie her that he isn’t a criminal so that she don’t get scared of him ..but again he had many questions in his mind ..he finally asked her ..

KK : Don’t you think even criminals have a heart and even they need friends when they feel low …

Mahek didn’t had anything to reply back and she said sorry if he felt bad ..it doesn’t matter to me that my friend is celebrity or criminal all iam bothered is he isn’t faking his friendship and has some other intentions..

KK : I didn’t felt bad and can understand but trust me I don’t want anything more than your friendship and even I won’t try to get any personal information from you … they both agreed on the conditions and continued their chatting

Their friendship has grown in last few weeks … Shaurya didn’t realized when MS has became life line for him … chatting to her gives peace to his mind , no matter where he is and what he was doing he always used to reply her instantly when ever she pinged him ,his nights were incomplete without their chats and he understood this one day when MS wasn’t online because of power cut and both her lappy and phone were dead , he waited for hours and almost pinged her hundred times …he dozed off waiting for her and next morning he woke up when his phone buzzed and he got a reply from his MS …iam so sorry KK I couldn’t logged in yesterday as their was a power cut whole night and I was sitting along with my family , first time Shaurya felt helpless he wanted to kill the person who supplies power to her area …she was away for one night and he was so restless…he didn’t know what he will do if she ever goes missing for few days , first time he felt like to find her whereabouts but than he remembered the promise they made to each other and just prayed that this day should never come in his life …he later had a normal discussion with her and started his day with a happy note

Precap : Shaurya reaches PWG lane



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