Naamkaran 22nd January 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil and Avni realize that Mishti’s body was not found and therefore Mishti must be alive. Neil says that Neela might know about Mishti’s location. Avni says that Mishti fell because of her and she will find her, Neil says that he will search Mishti. Neil tells Avni that together they will fight against enemies. Avni hugs Neil. Jailer walks towards their room.

When Jailer enters, Onkar Singh shows Avni the video and leaves.  Neil looks at Avni. Neil reaches the interrogation room and tells DD to tell Ragini that they will release her from jail if she gives evidence against Vidyut.

DD confronts Ragini and tells her that he will make her free if she reveals Vidyut’s illegal activities.  Ragini tells DD that she would have choked him if her hands were free. Ragini says that she will never go against her son. Ragini says that she has done a lot for her son. Ragini asks DD to get lost.

Neil tells commissioner that there is some reason why Ragini is not opening her mouth. Balu asks Onkar Singh to return soon as Vidyut is returning. Neil tells commissioner that they have just 10 hours to rescue Neela and Mishti as Vidyut is returning.  Neil thinks of all past moments and gets disturbed and bangs his car against a tree. Ragini tells Avni that she does not want her to get out of jail. Avni says that the jail security has got tightened up.

Avni tells Ragini that she wants some more time for their escape plan and in the meanwhile, Neela should not be harmed. Avni falls to Ragini’s feet. Later, Ragini tells jailer that she does not trust Avni at all and therefore she should call Balu and find out about Neela. Jailer calls Balu and Balu informs that Neela is safe in captivity.

Onkar Singh is with Balu and he falsely praises Balu. Balu says that he has managed all of Vidyut’s work in his absence. Onkar asks Balu to go and freshen up. Onkar says he will make tea for him. Onkar asks other guards if they will have tea. Neil starts making tea and he asks the guards to leave. Neil makes smoke balls out of foil and hides it. Later, Onkar and Balu have drinks together and Onkar asks Balu to give him tour of the house. Balu is drunk and he tells Onkar that they cannot open this door as there is a special captive inside.

Neil understands Mishti is inside. Balu shows Neil that back entry of the house. Avni thinks she has to stall Ragini till Neil gives her the message that Neela and Mishti are safe. Balu falls asleep and Onkar puts the lights off. Balu screams at Onkar and Onkar says h will put on the candle. The house gets filled with smoke because of the smoke bombs made by Neil.

Neil meets Neela and shows her Mishti in the trolley. Neil tries to escape with Neela and Mishti in the trolley. Lights come on and Balu sees Neil and recognizes him.

Precap: Jailer tells in front of everyone that Avni is trying to escape again and shows the card. Ragini tells Avni that Neela and Neil will suffer and die.

Pic Credit: OU


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