Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika getting close over Dil Diya Gallan. Rudra finds a dead body in the wood and gets shocked. Rudra informs Shivaay about it, all run to the outhouse to check, the dead body goes missing.

Some time back…

Shivaay tries to convince Anika, she remains angry. Rudra and Bhavya look for wood for Lohri celebration, Rudra sees some wood in the outhouse. Veer and Monali join in the Lohri celebration, veer gives a gift to Anika. Rudra and Bhavya have a petty argument over Veer. Rudra breaks the outhouse lock, both go inside. Shivaay and Anika argue, Veer thinks of getting close to Anika. Dadi asks Anika to burn her anger in Lohri fire, Anika refuses. Rudra gives some wood to Bhavya. Anika tries to go away from Shivaay, he stops her. Shivaay sings Dil Diya Gallan for Anika and tries to win over her anger.

Veer gets angry seeing them. Shivaay and Anika get close around the Lohri fire. Rudra sends Bhavya out to the celebrations. Rudra removes some wood, Komal’s face can be seen, Rudra sees it and gets shocked.

Rudra runs to Shivaay, Rudra informs Shivaay about seeing the dead body of a woman amid the wood in the outhouse. All get shocked, Veer gets worried and tries to prove Rudra wrong. Shivaay and all go to Outhouse, Veer informs Svetlana to hide Komal’s body.  Svetlana gets worried and hides Komal’s body near the window.

Komal’s bangle remains on the wood. Veer tries to stop Shivaay. Rudra takes everyone inside, the body is gone missing, Veer feels the relief. Veer sees Komal’s bangle in shivaay’s way and stops Shivaay from stepping over it. Veer picks up the bangle while others are busy in the discussion.

Later, Svetlana reprimands Veer for his foolishness. Veer and Svetlana blame each other. Veer decides to teach a lesson to Rudra and tells Svetlana to get all others away from Shivaay and Anika. Svetlana tells Veer that Komal’s body is near the window, Veer decides to get rid of Komal’s body. Rudra tries to prove his point to Bhavya. Shivaay remains quiet.


Rudra tells Shivaay that he is not joking, Rudra asks Shviaay to trust him. Shivaay tries to lighten up the situation.


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