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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Purab and Abhi coming to Police station. Purab tries to involve his Inspector friend Veeru in their drama. Inspector refuses. He offers money, but he refuses again. Abhi asks him to help him and says he will perform in the Police award function for free. Purab asks him to unite his brother with his wife and asks him to put him behind bars. Abhi pretends to cry. Inspector says you are not understanding. Abhi says just 1 night. Inspector says no. Abhi asks him to keep him behind bars for an hour. Inspector agrees. Purab asks Abhi if he is doing right. Abhi says yes and tells him that he will asks Veer to give him love bites, and says I mean hit. Purab tells Pragya that the Inspector is strict and torturing Abhi. He says lawyer is away etc. He says the man whom Abhi hit with

his car wants to make some money. Pragya says I will meet Inspector. Purab says time is up now. They hear Abhi screaming with pain. Pragya says how can they trouble him and goes inside. Constable makes fake injury marks on Abhi’s face with make up and says you are looking good. Abhi waits for Pragya and sing intezaar song.

The thief in the lock up asks Abhi to try in films. Other thief says he is rockstar and asks him why is he here? Abhi says I am taking test of my love here. They say they don’t understand. Pragya calls Inspector and asks why he can’t see the difference between a thief and a good man. Veers says Abhi has hit someone and was drunk. Pragya says you are not understanding. Veeru asks who are you? Pragya says I am his wife. Veeru asks him to show proofs. Pragya says she don’t have proof now and asks how can you slap him. Veeru slaps Purab and says this way. Purab looks on surprised. Pragya threatens to shout etc. Veer lets her meet Abhi. Pragya goes inside to meet Abhi. Abhi tells her that Inspector has beaten him badly. Pragya touches his face. Abhi thinks himself to focus on acting to get the work done. He says I was driving the car when someone came infront of my car, and Inspector arrested him and said I was drunk, but I was not drunk. He says now my career, reputation, respect is all gone.

Pragya says she will talk to Inspector. Abhi says if Dadi comes to know then. He cries and says I am getting tears seeing your love and care. Pragya says now inspector will not look at you. Abhi asks her not to leave him. Pragya says if I don’t go then I will save you. Abhi asks her to bring Malpua. Pragya says for whom? Abhi says for me, and says I am very hungry. Pragya says I will bring. Abhi hugs him. The thieves gossip that the matter is something else.

Purab tells Pragya that Inspector has beaten Abhi badly. Pragya warns Inspector and says she will drag him and will make him read all the law books. She asks him to give the address of the man whom Abhi hit and asks Purab to keep an eye on Inspector so that he don’t beat him.

Abhi comes out and hugs Purab. They decide to go there. Purab says Disha will handle everything. Abhi says she can’t handle. Inspector says I will also come there. Abhi and Purab are in the car. Pragya sees temple and asks driver to stop the car. Abhi thinks if she is pragya then she will get down from the car.

Pragya tells the man whom she meets that she is Munni and asks him to take full advantage and get abhi’s money. Purab and abhi hear in car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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