Naamkaran 23rd January 2018 Episode Written Update

Balu recognizes Neil. Neil pushes Balu and runs. Ragini tells Jailer that there is something wrong and therefore she will have to run fast. Ragini tells jailer that she wants to talk to Balu. Ragini calls Balu and he informs that Neela has run away with Neil who was disguised as Onkar Singh. Ragini scolds Balu. Ragini tells Balu a plan.

Neil is with Neela and Mishti in his car. Jailer scolds Avni and tells her that she will punish her. Jailer says that the one who tries to run away will be put inside a rat hole. Jailer shows Avni that card she had kept and tells everyone that Avni was trying to run once again. Ragini tells Avni quietly that she only wanted her to help her run away but now she will cancel the plan.

Ragini warns Avni that she will be trapped to death while Neela and Neil will be killed. Avni is taken away and she screams to save her. All inmates support Avni and tell the jailer that she is doing wrong with Avni. Monica says that Avni will have to be punished. Inmates fight amongst each other. Avni quietly tells Sunehri to inform DD that there is trouble in jail.

Avni is pushed inside a dark hole. Avni recalls being punished in childhood and she screams for help. Neil’s car gets stopped by Vidyut on the road. Neil in unable to escape and he gets surrounded by Vidyut’s men. Neil and Neela are taken at gunpoint.

Vidyut taunts Neil as Onkar Singh. Vidyut says he came to stop Neil from running away with Neela and Mishti. Neil challenges Vidyut to hit him. Vidyut scares Mishti. Neil says he is not worth being a father. Vidyut points gun at Neil.

Sunehri rescues Avni from the dark hole. Vidyut asks everyone to drop their guns and tells his men to relax and enjoy the entertainment. Vidyut tells Neil that they will deal with this matter amongst themselves without his men. Vidyut says that whoever wins will get Neela and Mishti. Neil challenges Vidyut he will defeat him.

Sunehri takes Avni away and Avni tells her that they have to go to jailer’s cabin. Vidyut and Neil beat each other up. Vidyut falls to the ground and Vidyut’s men surround Neil. Avni sees Jailer calling over the special force. Sunehri asks Avni to run away but Avni says she wants to take the right route as she has promised Neil. Avni asks Sunehri to leave if she wants to.

Vidyut tells Neil that if he wins the fight then Avni will be his. Neil beats up Vidyut. Sunehri is about to escape but changes her mind. Sunehri tells Avni she does not want to escape alone. Avni asks Sunehri to help her. Neil has Vidyut at his feet and tells him that only one of them will live. Vidyut tells Neil to take away Neela and Mishti as he has won. Neil walks away but Vidyut hits Neil on the head.

Precap: Jailer hits Avni on the head with a rod. Avni is buried behind a brick wall by Ragini.

Pic Credit:OU


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