Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Manish folding hands and apologizing to Naitik. He says Naira let me say this, I already did late, matter should have got solved within the house, I believe the one who see wrong happening is equally wrong, I m sorry, Naksh I m very sorry. Naira says its fine. Manish says this is the right way to end it, I understand what Naitik went through when he got to know how we behaved with you, really sorry, you can punish me if you want. Naitik says I don’t want your apology, I don’t want to punish you, I just want a promise that nothing wrong will happen with my daughter, explain her, scold her if she does wrong, if I find out that injustice happened with her, I won’t tolerate it, please remember this.

Rajshri says don’t know what happened there. Devyaani

says Naitik gets too angered at time. Bhabhimaa says its about Naira. Baisa says Dadi should apologize. Dadi tears the papers. She folds hands and apologizes to Naira and Naitik. She says I have done a mistake, I did this for my family respect and values, I will not tolerate few things, I can stand against my family for it, this thing was such, what I did in that situation wasn’t wrong, I made a mistake, I couldn’t understand Naira, this is my promise Naitik, my children won’t need these documents again, this doesn’t make any difference. Naira holds Dadi’s hands and signs no.

She wipes Dadi’s tears. Dadi says sorry. And cries. Naitik thanks Dadi and says I will take your leave. Kartik signs Naira. Naira goes out with Naitik and Naksh. She asks are you fine. He asks her to say if she is fine. She says yes. He says sorry, I don’t believe this now, you told me you are happy, you didn’t tell this to me. She says I m really happy. He asks how did you tolerate this injustice, why didn’t you tell me. She says I have learnt to fight for my rights, I have learnt to stay calm for the sake for my family, against whom shall I fight, my own family, that too when I was the reason for everything, I hadn’t told Kartik about Raghav, even then he was there with me, he stood with me and fought to get justice, Naksh was there, he can say this, Kartik didn’t doubt on me, he fought with his family for me, shall I not forget this for his sake. Naitik says I m proud of you and Kartik, stay happy. He blesses her and leaves with Naksh.

Kartik says Dadi, Papa, thanks, Naitik was too hurt today. Naira asks shall I make prasad for puja. Dadi says yes, make your fav dish, aloo halwa. Kartik gets a call and thanks him. He says clients have agreed to meet us today, I have called them yesterday, I wanted to tell you all after fixing the meeting, sorry if I have hurt you, I wanted to make up to you in best possible way. Naira says Kartik has made the presentation by working the entire night, he has worked hard. Manish says we will go office. Kartik says no, they are coming home, they would be going to airport then, it will be better if you see the presentation once, I will just get it.

Naira says then we should be prepared too. Manish smiles. Kartik goes to get his laptop. Aryan looks on and thinks if Kartik finds out the truth, he will find some way and waste my hard work, I won’t let this happen, never.

Kartik says the battery is dead, oh God. Manish says that’s okay, I will see, get the related copies. Aryan goes and takes a juice glass. He makes it fall over Manish. He says sorry, I tripped. Manish says its fine. Akhilesh says go and change, Kartik will come, then you can see the presentation. Manish says that’s not needed, it will be impressive if Kartik made it. Aryan thinks Kartik can’t do anything now. Naira prays. Naitik comes home. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Kirti asks Naitik where did he go, she was waiting for halwa. Naitik says I had urgent work, some people took advantage of my absence, some of it is sorted, I will know it with time, I won’t let them make such mistake again, I m not going to make you wait more, give me ten mins, I will make the halwa. She smiles.

Kartik says just ten mins are left, its fine, relax. He sees his coat button broken off. Naira says nothing can go wrong when I m here, I will do it right away, just check everything, you have done this for your dad, it should be best. She stitches the button. He checks the files. He says once they sign the papers, I m sure…. He signs what. She smiles and wishes him all the best. He kisses her and goes. She prays. Kartik says these are the files. He checks his laptop. Aryan wishes something happens that they don’t see anything. Clients come. Aryan thinks now it will be fun. Kartik and Manish welcome clients. Kirti eats the halwa and likes it. Naksh says moti…. she asks what did you say, I m eating halwa prepared by Naitik for the first time, it doesn’t mean you tease me, I m a healthy eater. He says wait a sec, I didn’t call you moti, this is short form of this textile company, you will get fabric from them, you can have much halwa, you can never get fat. He holds her hand and feeds her halwa. Kehde mujhse…. They have a moment. He holds her. Baisa calls out Kirti. Kirti goes away.

Clients get a call. Kartik turns to Naira and signs. Client says lets start it. Kartik checks for the file. He says as we have discussed before…. He sees Naira’s dance academy file on the screen. Kartik says maybe something has gone wrong, I will check it once more, maybe its a virus attack.

Manish says give us two mins. He takes Kartik aside. Naira asks what happened. Manish says your dance academy presentation started. Naira asks how can this happen. Kartik says there is just Naira’s dance academy function file. Manish says how can this happen, how could you make a mistake again. Kartik says I don’t know. Manish says you got us insulted again, I have to plead them now. Aryan asks shall I say something, don’t scold Kartik, he might have tried if I could try, I decided to do something, I know I don’t understand this much, I started trying and took my friends’ help, I have also prepared something, its better if we show this to them, my presentation is also related to business, maybe this can help if you give me a chance. Manish says if Kartik can get a second chance, why can’t you get first one. Aryan smiles. Kartik and Naira look on.

Naira practices dance. Kartik dances with her. Everyone comes home and get shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena


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