Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Aryan taking Manish’s blessings. Manish tells clients that Aryan will give presentation. Aryan says I can show the presentation, but my way to work is different, I want to explain, don’t go on my english, my idea is solid. He gives the presentation. Kartik looks on. Kirti recalls Naksh. A man says new chinese restaurant opened in your area, come with your family. Rajshri says Akshara liked chinese food a lot. Bhabhimaa says Akshara used to have food outside and get scolding by Gayatri. Devyaani says now I understand why Naksh likes chinese. Naira says this idea is like yours. Kartik says no, its different, he presented the idea on right time, thank God he saved our respect. She says it all went wrong, I told you to check. He says I did check, what can I do

now. Dadi stares at Naira.

Naksh goes to Kirti. She turns. He gets hurt by fork. He asks why are you punishing me, I thought I m your husband and I…. She says I like when you…. He holds her. He says chinese… She says you like it right, I ordered this for you from a new restaurant, it will be our lunch date. She says I m sorry, are you missing your mom, even she liked chinese, I thought….. He says its nothing like that, food was served downstairs, that wasn’t chinese. She says I didn’t know they will like it or not. He says you should have asked them once, they would feel happy by this gesture, sorry if you felt bad, we dine together, you should have told once so that they don’t wait for us. He gets a call.

Client says very nice, just send me its copy, I will revert to you. Clients leave. Manish hugs Aryan and says I m so proud of you, you did an amazing work. Kartik says it was really good. Aryan says I learnt this from you. Kartik says sorry, I have worked hard, you might not trust me, you can trust Naira. Naira says yes, we were working together. Manish smiles. Kartik asks what happened. Manish says its fine, whatever had to happen has happened. Kartik says how did dance academy folder come. Naira says I told you to check, you just smiled. He says smile means everything is in control. She says how did things go out of control. They argue.

He says it was not my mistake and goes. She says why don’t you understand, your work is more imp than mine, you got scolded because of me even yesterday, are you forgetting yourself because of my love. Kirti takes the dishes and says sorry Naksh, I will be careful. He asks her to come, it was imp to say so that she doesn’t hurt anyone. He says imp thing is I don’t hurt your feelings, we will have some food here and then with everyone, but on one condition, you have to feed me. She feeds him. Baisa comes to tell him about his friend’s call. She sees Naksh having chinese. She goes. Naksh says fortune cookie, Bhabhimaa used to call this pola samosa. Kirti asks shall I open it. He says it means you also believe in it. She reads and says its nothing. He takes the note and reads a new romantic beginning waiting for you. They have an eyelock.

Maid asks Naira to practice, everyone will come back till 4. Servants go out. Naira wears the ghungroos and does an aerial ct. Kartik comes talking on call and gets mesmerized seeing Naira. He goes to her. Baisa says Naksh and Kirti are in their room, Kirti ordered chinese for him and fed him, they have no respect for elders.

Naira gets away. Kartik holds her. Chukar gai…..plays…. She signs no and prefers to dance alone. He kisses her. Manish, Akhilesh, Aryan come home with clients. Dadi says its good you called me, we have come early. Kartik lifts Naira. Surekha asks maid to open the door fast, there are many guests. Kartik makes Naira rest feet on his leg and holds her. The family enters the house and gets shocked seeing Kartik tying ghungroos to Naira’s foot. Naira sees them and gets away. Kartik falls back and sees the family. He holds Naira again. He opens the aerial ropes. Kartik says Dadi, sorry, actually Naira’s dance practice was happening. Dadi says you created a scene today itself. Naira says I will change and come.

Kartik asks them to sit, he will just come. Clients get seated. Client says kids are filmi these days, we couldn’t imagine this in our times, wives used to touch husbands’ feet, not husbands are touching wives’ feet. Client says Kartik is really a youth icon. He laughs. Manish feels bad. Kartik says where did Naira go, maybe she has taken this seriously. Naira says whenever I try to make things fine, something else get messed up, what should I do, Kartik gets blamed always, I m unable to help him, should they punish him just because he loves me, its wrong. Kartik looks for her. She hides and cries. She says I have to do something, I will find a solution if I try.

Manish says Shubham managed the presentation, who will handle this deal, we didn’t know Kartik’s focus is so bad. Kartik looks for Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena


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