Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Kartik is not at fault, its Naira who wants to manipulate him, what does she want. Manish says how can Kartik make such a mistake, Shubham handled the presentation, who will handle the deal. Akhilesh says we decided Kartik will handle it. Manish says we didn’t know his focus is so poor, it won’t be Kartik. Naira hears them and stops Manish. She says we can’t underestimate his potential by some technical problem. Manish says you don’t need to tell me his potential, he is qualified and even then he is not able to make it, as his focus is on your dance academy, that’s why I can’t give this responsibility to him. Naira worries. Kartik teaches the game to Lav and Kush.

Naira comes to him and says listen to me. Kartik asks where did you

hide. She says talk to Manish, he said he won’t let you handle this deal, convince him that you can take this responsibility, why don’t you say anything, answer me. He says I m not going anywhere, clients agreed to work with us by seeing Shubham’s presentation, he should handle this deal. She says he isn’t experienced, you should teach him. He says I will train him, but not interfere in his work, I need time to come out of this shock, clients and deal are imp, it would be better that Shubham takes Manish and Akhilesh’s help, I won’t refuse if he needs me. She says they need you, you can’t leave them. He says I must stay away to keep it fine. He goes. She says you always stayed excited and prepared for work, did you really get distracted from work, please try to understand and focus on your work, else I will have to think something.

Its morning, Kartik wakes up. He looks for Naira. He gets her call. He asks did you not sleep all night. She says I m at home, I came here in the morning, I m planning to stay here and do rehearsals till the show happens. He says you are upset with me right. She says no, I m worried about my performance, I m not satisfied with the steps we finalized, I want to work hard and focus more, this show is imp for me. He says you could have informed me, I could have dropped you there, focus on dance practice, I will miss you, you know I can’t stay without you, you still left, I m sorry, take care. She ends call and says sorry Kartik, you need to focus on work, Manish may change his mind.

Kartik sees smiley and notes over his clothes and other things. He smiles. He says she has done so much before leaving, it would be better that she stayed here and didn’t do anything, she shouldn’t have left. Naitik asks is everything fine there. Naira asks if I come without a call, it means there is something wrong, fine I will go back. Naitik says sorry princess, sit, I will prepare your fav breakfast. Naksh asks Naira to make kachoris, Kartik will surely come. Naira says no need, he is busy. Naksh says he is Majnu and his work is to be after his Laila. Naira asks what are you then, Romeo Juliet or Heer Ranjha. Kirti and Naksh smile.

Surekha asks where did Naira go. Dadi says she didn’t tell me, its good if she stays away, they can focus on work. Surekha says yes, but it may affect Kirti’s life, Naira is her family’s fav. Naira talks to Akshara’s pic and says Kartik is not responsible for whatever happened, whatever he is doing now is right, its imp for us to prove that he is still serious about his work, everything will be fine once this is proved to family, I m tensed that everyone is misunderstanding Kartik, I left him and came here so that everyone believes that our time is not distraction but our strength. Lav and Kush say we miss Naira a lot. Kartik says I m not missing her. They say you are lying, you miss her. Kartik says I m not missing her, finger on your lips, you are making me miss her, I won’t go to meet her, final. They laugh and say you will go, we know this. Kartik turns and sees Manish.

Kartik thinks Manish looks angry, I will talk to him. Dadi asks Manish did Kartik say anything. Manish says Lav and Kush said he is going to meet Naira, I came to talk to him on Suwarna’s saying, but Kartik won’t come. He goes. Dadi worries that Surekha’s saying may get true. Naira and family does meditation. Naira thinks of Kartik and goes downstairs. She misses Kartik. She makes K over the kachori.

Kartik asks are you missing me, what happened, everyone is upstairs, no one is seeing. She says you here, you were supposed to go office, go fast. He says fine, I thought to come here, I made a big mistake. He turns to go. She takes kachori for him and hugs. She holds ears and says sorry. He goes ahead. Her dress’ pearl string gets stuck to his coat. He stops and recalls the old moment. Teri ankhon se…..plays… Kartik smiles and turns to her. She goes to him and ties him to the pillar. She sweetly apologizes.

He makes her do situps. He recalls the moment and asks for a kiss. She kisses him. He asks for one more. She kisses. He signs again. She frees him. He holds her close. She cleans lipstick marks from his cheeks and asks him to go fast. He says I m your husband now, not BF, I will meet everyone. She says no, everyone would be waiting for you at office. He says fine and leaves.

Aryan argues with manager. Kartik comes and looks on. He says we don’t talk to our employees like this, he is senior, you came late and… Manish says its new trend to come late, young ones learn from elders, if everyone knew their responsibility, I would have not worried.

Kartik says it looks a govt letter, I will get it there. Naira says I don’t want it, I will see it later. Bau ji tells Naitik that many people got demolition notice. The demolition notice falls down. Kartik doesn’t see it.

Update Credit to: Amena


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