Ishqbaaz 26th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Shivaay telling Tej about starting afresh, Omkara stops them from hugging each other. Shivaay gets happy about Tej celebrating Makar Sankranti with them. Tej gets a heart attack. Some time back… All get surprised to see Tej. Tej apologizes to Shivaay for not informing about his arrival, Shivaay and Anika get happy and emotional. Tej apologizes to Shivaay and Gauri for his behavior. Gauri apologizes to Tej and takes his blessings. Tej asks Shivaay to punish him, Shivaay refuses and asks Tej to forget everything. Omkara stops them as Shivaay and Tej are about to hug each other. Omkara distrusts Tej and asks him to leave. Omkara refuses to forgive Tej, Shivaay tries to stop Omkara. Tej apologizes to Omkara and says Oberoi Mansion is all empty without the children. Tej says he wants to be a part of Rudra’s wedding.

Omkara says he cannot forget what all Tej has done and refuses to forgive Tej. Omkara tells Tej to leave, Tej feels Shivaay has filled poison in Omkara’s mind for him, Tej gets determined to get Shivaay out of OmRu’s lives.Shivaay stops Tej and brings him back. Shivaay asks Omkara to give one chance to Tej and convinces Omkara. Shivaay gets happy that Tej will celebrate Makar Sankranti with them. Dadi consoles Omkara and praises Shivaay. Dadi says there will be couples’ competition of kite flying to see their ishqbaazi. Shivaay tries to sneak away, Anika stops him.

Anika brings a special kite for Shivaay, Rikara and Ruvya share some cute moments. Everyone has a great time. Veer challenges Shivaay about kite flying, Veer gets determined to defeat Shivaay. Both fly the kites, Veer gets angry to Shivaay and Anika’s closeness, Shivaay cuts Veer’s kite, Shivika and all get happy. Dadi declares Shivika as winners. Veer signals to Tej. Tej drinks a chemical and starts feeling unwell. He falls on the ground, everyone gets shocked. Veer says Tej has got a heart attack.


Shivaay finds the chemical bottle and decides to find about it, through internet Shivaay comes to know that the chemical causes a heart attack. Shivaay realizes that Tej took it purposely.


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