Tu Aashiqui 26th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Aparna defending Pankti. Manav says you knew this already. She says yes. He says even then you have let this happen, love just happens, how can I remove Pankti’s love from Ahaan’s heart, who are we to do this. Manav says his family, who loves Ahaan a lot, you don’t know what you did, I felt my terms with Ahaan is getting better, but now…. She asks what now?

She says Ahaan didn’t do anything wrong, you should be proud that he is standing for his love, love is everything, we think of society, reputation and respect, we make this complicated. He says I wish this was so simple. He leaves. Aparna says we all are there with Ahaan, don’t know what is Pankti going through. Pankti and Poorva are on the way. Poorva says its good this happened, else you would have

stayed in fear, its good Ahaan still stands by you, people just want a chance to taunt, are you listening.

Pankti gets down the car. Poorva goes after her. JD is on call. He asks the person not to involve society in his personal matters. Sheetal worries. JD says media is just troubling. Sheetal thinks of Anita’s words. She says Anita was saying all that so proudly as if she isn’t wrong, Pankti has this problem, Anita is different than us, I didn’t know she would be so cheap. JD says relax. She says I can’t imagine this, I felt our house problems ended, now I feel our problems started now.

Richa says that’s why Pankti was not in touch with anyone, she was doing all this, it looks so bad to see in movies, my best friend was doing this work. Vikram says you also played a big role in Ahaan and Pankti’s love story. Richa says she can’t have any love story, she would have trapped Ahaan for money. She thinks of his words and asks did you know this. She asks him. He asks her not to ask anything and let him enjoy his drink. Ahaan tries to call Pankti. Poorva answers the call. Ahaan asks where are you Pankti. Poorva says its me, Pankti is fine.

Ahaan asks Poorva to tell Pankti to relax, he doesn’t care for this, its good this thing came out, they can freely live now, remind her promise that she will come back. Pankti’s engagement ring falls down. She cries and hugs Poorva. Ahaan thinks of Pankti and plays drums. He cries. JD looks on.

Anita comes home. JD claps. She gets shocked seeing him. He says you thought you will get saved after doing such a big drama at home, won’t you get punished, you made fun of my family, Ahaan and Pankti started a new life with difficulty, you ended it, you should get award for this, you like to act right, the award for the best actor female goes to Anita Sharma. He gives her an award. They smile. She says you have directed my act well. He thanks her.

JD says now I feel our thorns will get away, flowers will bloom again. Anita says I have tried my best, its in Sheetal and Manav’s hands. He says you are wrong, it was all in my hands, it will always be in my hands. He recalls asking Anita to do a drama on engagement day, he can never lose his thing, if he loses Pankti, he will make her beg. Anita says it means you didn’t change. She smiles. He says one who has a weakness needs to change, now listen what you have to do. FB ends.

Anita gives a drink to JD. JD says poor Pankti, she was scared when…. He recalls keeping a voice recorder in Pankti’s room. He says her face turned pale today. Anita laughs. They drink.

Poorva says why did Anita do this. Pankti says if mum is doing this on someone’s saying. JD asks Anita to stay tight-lipped, else she can fall in trouble.

Update Credit to: Amena


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