Ishqbaaz 29th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Shivaye says it means Tej has intentionally induced the heart attack. Tej asks Om to come home. Shivaye says no Bade Papa. He asks Tej not to do the drama in front of him. Some time before, Veer says to suffer a severe heart attack after the first one is not a good sign, if this happens again, I don’t think he will survive, his condition is stable now, if you need anything, let me know. Shivaye thanks him. Tej says if I died today, I would have no regrets, I m happy that I could see my family. Shivaye says you will get fine. Tej asks for water. Om says I will get it. Shivaye says sit with Tej, I will get it. He goes to get water. He sees Dadi sitting sad in the lawn. He asks Bhavya to give water to Tej. He comes to Dadi.

He asks what happened. She says happiness doesn’t come, or its short

lived, everything shatters in no time. He says you said good and bad time don’t stay for long, maybe its to test us, we are strong, we are Oberois, we face all problems with a smile, right? He asks you trust me right? I will make everything fine. She says you are really Shivaye, you are no less than a boon for me and our family, you consume the entire poison yourself. He asks her to stop emotional talk and have some food. She goes. Shivaye gets the bottle and checks it. He checks it on net and says this medicine induces forced heart attacks, what, it means Tej has done this deliberately.

Tej says I didn’t fulfill any duty of a father, but I didn’t move back from showing my rights, I m really very sorry, I don’t know how much time I have, I want to repent for my sins, I can do this when you both give me a chance, please give me a chance, just one. Shivaye says no, this can’t be true, why will Tej do this, but this bottle indicates so. Tej says life has given me another chance, but will you both be able to give me a chance, think of this as my last wish, will you both fulfill it, today when I have seen death close, I realized I m going empty hand, I didn’t earn good deeds, I don’t want to die like you Omru, I really want to become a good dad, so that I can die peacefully, give you two give me a chance, will you both come back with me to Oberoi Mansion. He thinks I m a bad dad, but my foolish sons are good, they will fulfill my last wish, they don’t know my motive, that’s to make them away from Shivaye, Shivaye will fall alone, it will be easy to defeat Ram without Bharat and Laxman.

Shivaye walks towards the house. Tej asks won’t you fulfill my wish. Shivaye sees Tej. Tej says consider this as my request, please come back home. Shivaye says no Bade papa, you don’t have to request, you have all the right on them, there maybe complains but not bigger than relations. He says Dadi always says that we should not forget ourselves, our values, we maybe modern but we can’t forget our values, maybe Tej has done some mistakes, this doesn’t change the truth that he is our elder, if sons can’t value a father’s words, there is no meaning of a family. He asks Tej not to worry, Omru will come. He says no Om, listen to me, you both will go with him. He goes out.

Shivaye says this is the right thing, Omru should go home with Tej, so what if I can’t go there, they can go, I will be hurt that they are not with me, but I can’t be selfish, I have to strong, if I fall weak, Omru won’t go, how? Omru come to him. Rudra asks do you really want us to go, why do you want to make us away. Om says knowing that we won’t go without yo. Shivaye says Tej needs you. Om says he needs treatment, not us. Shivaye says doctor can cure his body, but his emotions are linked to you. Om says no matter what you say, we won’t go. Rudra says you are our family. Shivaye says our family needs both of you. Om says we won’t go without you and Anika. Shivaye says let me get stubborn for the first time, please agree. He hugs Omru and thanks them.

Its morning, Anika sees Om and Gauri packing. Gauri says time changes in a moment, we were preparing for Rudra’s marriage and now we are going. Om asks Rudy is your packing done. Rudra nods. Anika gets shocked and goes to Shivaye. She asks where are they going, are they going home, why, Rudra’s wedding functions are still left. He says it can happen at home. She says Tej agreed, why are they going on, why are you not stopping them, just tell me, fine I will ask them. Shivaye says they are going as I asked them to go, Tej needs them. She says you can lie to me, but your eyes can’t hide anything. He thinks how shall I tell you, if you asked them to go, then there is some reason behind it. Shivaye thinks how shall I tell you about Tej’s fake heart attack, Omru will change their decision, the family will fall more apart. He says I have told you the reason already. She says it means you won’t tell me anything and expect me to understand myself, you want to bear all the burden alone. He says stop interfere in this matter. She says even you stop forcing decisions on others, what’s wrong is wrong, one can’t justify it. She goes. He recalls her words and sees the bottle.

Shivaye goes to Tej. Tej coughs. Shivaye asks Tej not to do the drama in front of him. He keeps the bottle and says I know you did the heart attack drama. Tej asks how, so you didn’t tell Omru, you would be waiting for right time. Shivaye says I would have told them if I had to. Tej asks what’s the reason behind this favor. Shivaye says you are the reason, you are my elder, I don’t want anyone to stop respecting you, there are a lot of differences between you and Omru, I don’t want them to suffer. Om says we will keep Tej’s bag as well. Shivaye says I don’t want them to experience the pain which I m experiencing now, why did you do this, you know what Dadi is going through, you should have told me, I would have sent Omru. Tej asks really, do I need to beg to you for my sons, stop this greatness drama, you are responsible for this, my sons have walked off the family and business, they are here with you, you have snatched both my sons from me. Shivaye says I m not snatching a relation, in fact, I m keeping a relation.

Tej says I apologized to ṁy son, he thought its a drama, so I had to take this medicine and do a drama of heart attack. Anika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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