Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 29th January 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanuja running to go. AK asks what happened, if Rishi is here and after you, that’s why you are running. Tanuja asks when our marriage will happen. AK says now itself and asks her to come. Manpreet tells Ahana that when Tanuja didn’t agree on Rishi’s sayings then she will not agree on their saying. Maasi asks why did you come early and says there is still time for mahurat. AK asks her to tell Pandit ji to start the marriage rituals. Pandit ji says there is still time for mahurat. Maasi says but lets start the rituals. Ahana asks Manpreet to do something. Rishi says I won’t let this marriage happen and calls Tanuja as she is about to go to mandap. He asks her not to marry AK. Tanuja asks him to go and says she don’t want to talk. AK asks him to leave. Rishi asks them not

to interfere. Maasi is about to take Tanuja inside, but Rishi shouts and asks who are you to take her. AK asks Rishi to leave.

Rishi refuses to go without Tanuja. Tanuja shouts at him asking him to go. AK and Rishi have a heated fight. Tanuja holds Rishi’s hand, takes him out and asks him to leave. Rishi recalls throwing Tanuja out of the house 7 years back.

Tanuja takes AK inside to bandage his injury. Netra thinks of Rishi breaking the marriage. She thinks she didn’t realize the truth and was living in illusion. Kal ho na ho song plays….Tania comes to Netra and asks why is she crying. Netra says something went in her eye. Tania asks her to apply sindoor. Netra says I don’t have that. Tania says she will ask Rishi to buy it. Rishi cries and says everything ended. Rano asks him to live for his daughter Natasha. Rishi thinks Manpreet and cries. Rano says she will pray that the couple shall never separate even if they fight. Rishi asks them to go home, but they refuse to go. They refuse. Rishi asks Ahana to go. Tanuja comes to AK and applies ointment on his hand. Kal ho na ho song plays..

Beeji tells Netra you were looking beautiful in bridal dress. Netra says it was never mind. Ahana comes there and tells that Tanuja has decided to marry AK and have moved on in life. Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai song plays…Tanuja tells AK that their relation is very important for her. Maasi tells AK that Pandit is calling you. AK says they will marry.

Pandit asks AK to fill her maang with sindoor. When Rishi comes and stops him saying this marriage can’t happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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