Ishqbaaz 30th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Tej says I had to induce a heart attack. Anika looks on shocked. Tej asks Omru to come. Rudra says just you have to leave. Om says we will show your position in our heart. Omru touch Shivaye’s feet. Veer says Shivaye is nothing without the Oberoi title. Some time ago, Tej says you have snatched my sons from me. Shivaye says I m fulfilling my relations, that’s why Omru have come here willingly. Tej says no, they are under your influence, you have filled poison in their hearts, they feel its just you, who recognized an artist in Om, you got him out of drugs addiction, who has raised Rudra, Shivaye is everything, I will tell you the truth, you are someone who has taken away my sons’ childhood from me, who separated them from me, Om doesn’t consider me his dad.

Shivaye says I m someone who

loves my brothers, I have lived their childhood with them, when Om was in a dilemma over choosing arts or business, I taught him to follow his heart, when Rudra wouldn’t be able to sleep by fear, I would put him to sleep in his room, not to take your place, but because I love my brothers a lot. Tej says no Shivaye, you want to take my place in Omru’s lives. Shivaye says no, an elder brother can’t take a father’s place, a father is someone who guides the way, who makes a way for his sons, elder brother can just hold hands and walk along, that’s what I want to do, whether its happiness or sorrow, I want to live with them, you are very rich, you have a lot of money, and I just have many brothers, they are my wealth, my world. Tej says you still want to prove I couldn’t become a good dad, that’s why my sons don’t trust me, I was apologizing to my son, he felt its a drama, so I had to do this heart attack drama. He throws the bottle. Anika looks on and says fake heart attack.

Veer sees Shivaye’s plot and says I don’t want to do this, but we evil people are helpless, you good people don’t break easily, one who doesn’t break have to be destroyed. Anika says so you didn’t tell me to save Tej’s respect. She says Tej uncle, be it age or sensibility, I m younger to you, I won’t say much, I would just make a request, you just leave your baseless bitterness against Shivaye, he loves you all a lot, he fights with me too, he parted with Omru with a heavy heart, both of us know you love Omru a lot, can’t all three of them stay together, all of us are incomplete without each other, please why can’t we stay together. Tej signs her to stop. He says there is no point in discussing all this, we can’t stay together, Omru are going back home with me, the discussion ends here.

Shivaye says you can take them away but not separate them, because Om is nothing without Shiv and Rudra is nothing without Om, no one can separate ShivOmRu. He hugs Anika and they leave.

Veer says you all know what to do. The man says very well. Veer says good and smiles. Anika hugs Dadi, Gauri and Bhavya. They all cry. The men pour kerosene. Veer ignites the fire torch. Shivaye says take care of Tej. Tej says come. Omru ask why. Tej asks is this a joke, you have kept your bags. Omru say this is your bag, out belongings are inside, where it should be. Om says Tej can never change, we know you faked the heart attack. They recall hearing Tej and Shivaye’s talk. Dadi asks what are you saying. Rudra says it was a drama to make us away from Shivaye.

Dadi says Tej, you fell so much. Om says next time, he will stoop more low, he couldn’t separate us, because we are one, not three. Rudra says you couldn’t fulfill a father’s duty and always blamed Shivaye, he didn’t tell us, he didn’t want us your respect to get ruined. Om says you may go. Omru go to Shivaye. Rudra asks why are you so nice. Om says some people have a problem with you, being jealous of you, because we love you, they don’t realize, the love you have earned, they have lost that love, we don’t need you, we can’t love without you. Tej looks on. Om says we didn’t tell you what’s your position in our hearts, today we will show you. Omru touch Shivaye’s feet. Shivaye says don’t do this. Rudra says you have become Ram, its our turn to become Bharat and Laxman, you say that sons should respect their father, we are doing that. Om says you were our brother till now, but now you are a father figure. They hug Shivaye. Lafzon ka yeh….plays….

Shivaye says it means I have double authority on you. Om says no, you have complete right. Shivaye says go home with Tej. Om says we can’t refuse or obey you, Tej’s selfishness made him alone, he will always be alone till he leaves his ego and selfishness. Rudra says I wanted to say this, but I didn’t get the words, you asked for something impossible, its fine I will ask for a simple thing, Obro hug with a smile. They hug.

Tej says Shivaye has defeated me again. Veer says relax. Tej says I can’t relax, my sons humiliated me, you are laughing Veer. Veer says I m happy, I got a chance to play the real game, you have kept Shivaye occupied and I have used the chance, Shivaye likes to become Ram, he forgot Ram had to face the most challenges in the world, your sons Bharat and Laxman, whose love he believes so much, it won’t last long, because I will snatch everything from him, that makes him Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Rudra jokes and says no one is taking my marriage serious, Om made me do all the work. Anika asks can’t you do the work. Dadi sees Shivaye. Veer says Shivaye is nothing if Oberoi title is removed from his name, I will break him and show him his real place, he is getting Rudra married, I will see how will he do this, when he won’t have anything. Dadi asks what happened. Shivaye says I try to make this family united, but the distance increases, Jhanvi is annoyed, Tej also left, don’t know this distance will end or not. Dadi says this family is by you three, till my grandsons are together, this family can’t fall apart, Rudra is getting marriage, you look upset, see him, he is so happy. Soumya comes and surprises all. She says you forgot me. Dadi says I didn’t forget you, so I invited you here. Shivaye gets a call and gets shocked. Veer says I will see what will he do, when he won’t have anything, how long will be keep his brothers and family along. The building at the site burns. Veer smiles and says the relation among the three of you will burn like this, wait and watch.

Shivaye sees the building site burning. Anika asks is everything fine. He says yes. He drops the phone and says what’s happening, I feel like everything is slipping out of my hands.

Update Credit to: Amena


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