Naamkaran: Neil Shoots Neela!!

Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is all set to showcase the next big twist in the storyline which will lead to the beginning of a new track. Currently viewers are seeing that happiness has returned in Neil and Avni’s life after Avni returned home from jail and gets a warm welcome by her family. Moreover, Neil’s family decides to throw a party for Avni to celebrate her return. The party will be filled with fun moments and everyone will come together for a family picture.

However, the happiness will not last long as Vidyut will enter Neil’s house with an intention to seek revenge. Vidyut is furious as Neil has destroyed his relations with his mother Ragini Pandit by creating a major rift between them. Vidyut wants to seek revenge from Neil and therefore he enters the party and turns off all the lights in the house to create terror. However, Neil chases Vidyut and finally catches him at gun point. This is when the major twist will arrive in the storyline as Neil will shoot the bullet at Vidyut but Vidyut will miss getting hit by it. Instead, Neela will arrive there and mistakenly she will be the victim of the gun shot. Neela’s life will be in critical danger and Neil will blame himself for Neela’s condition. Will Neela die after getting shot and will Neil take the blame for killing Neela?


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