Naamkaran 31st January 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil compliments Avni for being strong even after so much of problems. Meanwhile, Bebe falls in the kitchen and Avni helps her. While, helping Avni also falls and the flour falls over Avni. Bebe asks Avni to have a bath. Bebe asks Neil to help Avni. Neil tells Avni that he will help her with the shower. Neil takes Avni to the bathroom and he starts the shower. Neil and Avni get intimate under a shower.

Neil kisses Avni. Avni finds him crying. Later, everyone enter the bathroom and Avni pushes Neil. Neil tells that he came to fix the shower. Bebe tells Shweta that Neil won his another task too. Avni gets ready and Shweta motivates Avni to win the task. Neil gives a gift to Avni. He gives the mangalsutra and sindoor. Avni gets emotional looking at it and she walks near the score board and gives Neil 100 points. Neil makes her wear the mangalsutra, ring and also the sindoor. Neil and Avni are happy. DD looks at the location while the lights go off. DD asks to check the connection while the man says there is a short circuit there.

DD calls the officer and asks him to keep a watch on Vidhyut. Flashback is shown when Vidhyut warns the officer over his family and ask him to work for him. DD gets a call from Neil and he asks if everything is fine. DD says yes and asks him to enjoy with his family. DD leaves to Vidhyut’s house. Vidhyut gets in his car and plans against Neil.


Neil and Avni are happy. Vidhyut plans to enter Neil’s house as he learns that they have a photo shoot function.


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