Tu Aashiqui 1st February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav asking Pankti to leave from Ahaan’s life. He says your relation will Ahaan will ruin our family respect, it will break many relations in our house. She cries. Sheetal says our family name is not so fragile to get spoiled by such a small thing, I m capable to do right with someone, Pankti won’t go anywhere, I accept Pankti even after so much happened. Aparna cries happily.

Manav says my daughter’s life will be ruined, who will marry her knowing our bahu is a mistress, yes I know the entire truth. Pankti gets shocked. He says I know you are JD’s mistress. He couldn’t speak it out and turns away losing courage. He says I m ashamed to think, my brother and my son are after one girl, when the world knows this, who will get related to us. She cries. He says

your and Ahaan’s relation will weaken this family’s foundation, this house will shatter, I can neglect the world’s taunts, but what about the world I made in this house, it depends on trust, happiness and love, till you will stay here, there will be a threat on it, being a father, I can’t let this happen.

She says but Ahaan and I love each other. He says this love is wrong, the love which brings tears in others’ eyes, its wrong, the love which gets world’s taunts is wrong, the love which ruins others’ family is wrong, after keeping a relation with JD, having a relation with Ahaan is wrong, being a father, I can’t permit this love, if you truly loves Ahaan, then just leave from this house, I beg you for Ahaan and this family’s sake, just leave from this house. She cries. He goes. She thinks of Ahaan.

Ahaan is on the way. Someone collides with him. The ring falls down. Ahaan looks for the ring. A lady says you are that singer, Tu Aashiqui Romeo. The people identify Ahaan and greet him. The man says you earned 10 crores for your love. Ahaan says my fiancee’ ring fell down. The lady asks did you get engaged to Pankti. The people help him in finding the ring. Ahaan gets the ring and thanks them. The lady says please just one selfie. Ahaan takes selfie with them.

Sheetal argues with Richa. JD comes and asks the matter. Richa says nothing, I was saying we shouldn’t support Pankti. JD acts good and asks her to support her friend, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Sheetal asks JD was he drinking. He says yes, I was just worried. Vikram comes and says Richa is right, we can forget social circles, what about our company, brand value. Sheetal says we can accept Pankti. Vikram says its easy to say, we will realize when we bear problems. JD says family values is imp to me than business. Vikram says what about Ahaan’s career. Sheetal says Pankti’s love is his strength, think what will happen of him if Pankti is not in his life. Pankti comes downstairs with the bag. JD smiles.

Aparna asks Pankti where is she going. Pankti says I have decided to leave from this house, it will be better for everyone. Aparna says no, you will get status like Richa, no one will be biased, please don’t go, trust me. Pankti says I know, that’s why I have to go. Sheetal says if I apologize on Richa’s behalf, will your decision be same. Pankti says don’t apologize, I don’t deserve to stand among you, you are giving me love, I don’t deserve your hatred, please let me go. Sheetal says if a stone breaks a glass, its not glass’ fault, you won’t go, this is my last decision, everyone knows my decision is final in this house. Manav says no, it can’t be final today. She asks why. He says your decision is related to my son’s life, I want Pankti to leave from this house.

Sheetal says I will accept Pankti. Manav asks can you accept your Sautan, Pankti is JD’s mistress. Ahaan comes home and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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