Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st February 2018 Episode Written Update; Naira Tries to Manao Kartik!

The Episode starts with everyone clapping for Naira. They ask about Kartik. Kirti says maybe he went to meet Naira. Naira runs out. Priyanka says I won’t come home, I have work, I will stay in a hotel. Manish jokes. Devyaani compliments Kirti and Naira’s dance. Aryan says you all didn’t see her bravery outside. Dadi says how can anyone be so foolish, she didn’t do right. Naira comes to Kartik. Socha nai tha….plays… she stops him. He turns to go. The flowers fall over them. They recall the old moment. She hugs him and says I m sorry, I should have not done it. He gets a call. He says I have some work, and leaves.

Naira comes to everyone. Naitik hugs her and says I m so proud of you. They ask about Kartik. Naira says he met me and went for some work. Everyone

says Naira danced really well and even Kirti surprised all. Naira thinks don’t know if Kartik got convinced or not, I have hope as our hearts understand each other. Naitik stops the car and sees Priyanka. Baisa says we will leave together. Kirti says I will go and see. Priyanka says I had to lie to everyone that I came here for Naira’s function, its hard for me, please tell your family, so that I can also tell Manish and everyone. Kirti sees them talking. Priyanka says we will talk when you decide something. Kirti gets Naksh’s call.

Naira waits for Kartik. She makes kachoris. Dadi asks is this just for Kartik or guests too. Naira says its for everyone. Dadi says you should take rest, we can order food from five star hotel, clients are coming as they missed flight, this is a gift for your good performance from my side, and this is from Manish’s side, he bought the land which is behind the dance academy, so that you can expand her. Naira thanks her. Dadi says I m glad you solved the matter, you are happy as everything went well, I want to see both of you happy, I love Kartik more and see his progress, I know your happiness is same, no sensible person would do what you did today, don’t do that again, send me kachoris to taste. She goes. Naira thinks everything is not fine between us.

Naitik lets Kirti help. Naksh says this is called differentiation. He gets jealous. He says I will take insult of this public insult when we are alone. Kirti smiles and goes. Baisa says we thought to have dinner with Goenkas. Naitik says its fine, we just have to send this cake, lets see if Naira identifies the taste. He asks Kirti to add less baking powder. Naksh says invite Priyanka too, she has surprised Naira.

Surekha asks why are they coming, they are rescheduling everything. Suwarna says its fine, they are clients. Dadi gives them gifts for clients. Aryan says I m going market, I didn’t do any work, shall I fry kachoris with Naira. He goes. Dadi asks Naira to get red file from her room, Manish needs it. Naira goes. Kartik comes home and looks for her. Kirti says my earring is missing. Naksh says maybe it fell in cake. She worries. He laughs. She says you are so bad, Baisa gave me that earring, she will feel bad knowing this. He says I stay busy, it doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention towards you. He shows the earring. She signs him to make her wear it. He says no. She asks why. He says I can make you wear necklace and anklet, but…. She laughs and says you ruined the romance. He holds her and says shall I show what is romance. Baisa coughs seeing them. Naksh gets on call and goes.

Kartik talks to clients. He sees Naira. Chukar gai….plays….. He recalls their argument. A cake is delivered. Surekha asks who ordered it. Lav says Kartik would have ordered for Naira. Client says how romantic, you are an ideal couple, she shifted meeting venue for you, you ordered the cake for her, very nice. Naira thanks Kartik for thinking much for her.

They see the cake…. and get surprised seeing a lioness and frog on the cake. Client says I haven’t see such cake before, is there any story about it. Kartik smiles. Kartik and Naira cut the cake and feed each other. She identifies the cake and thinks this is prepared by Papa. Kartik says lets begin our presentation, I will bring printouts. Naira goes after him. He says I didn’t order the cake, I don’t know who has sent it. She says Papa has sent it, I thought your anger calmed down, I m really sorry, I have realized my foolishness, I will do as you say. He says my clients are waiting for papers. She says I m waiting to talk to you, I feel broken when you get annoyed, don’t punish me like this, sorry, please talk to me.

Naira talks over phone and says I can’t tolerate anyone misunderstands Kartik, he did his work, but everyone calls him a wife’s puppet, so I distanced himself from me. Kartik hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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