Kasam 2nd February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with AK coming back home. Tanuja says she wants to talk to him. She says when I tried to talk to you, you said you are not Rishi. She says you have booked your tickets and not ours. He asks her why did she hide from him that her divorce is not done. Tanuja says I swear that I didn’t know about this. I had signed on the papers. AK says he is lost from Rishi and is feeling pain. He says Rishi used to say that Natasha is his daughter and you are his wife, and it is truth. Tanuja says I am sorry. AK says I am lost and dead, you have betrayed me. He says my identity is of a loser, drunkard and shattered person. Tanuja asks him to listen to her. Ae dil hai mushkil plays as he walks out. He comes to the bar and have wine.

Maasi comes to Tanuja and asks where is AK? Tanuja says he came

and left. AK thinks Maasi is calling him, but not Tanuja. He thinks Natasha has no feelings for him. Maasi says time has come to attend flight. Tanuja searches for Natasha, but she is not in room. She gets tensed and tells Myra and Maasi. Maasi says I will check in garden. Myra asks her not to worry. AK is heavily drunk. Waiter refuses to give him more drinks. Manager says we can’t give you drink as you already had much. AK gets angry and says I need a drink. He tells that his bride got arrested from mandap and he is in extreme pain. He asks for a drink and asks if Rishi sent him. Netra and Kanchal are there. Netra asks him to calm down.

AK says Rishi left her on mandap and says her condition is like me. He says we both are abandoned on mandap. Kanchal takes Netra with her. Natasha comes there and says she was having icecream. Myra says you made us scared. She tells maasi if they shall go to airport. Maasi says they shall wait for AK to come. A beggar asks AK to give him something. AK gives the money. Beggar blesses him. AK says God don’t want my happiness, I asked for Tanuja and Natasha, but God is a big cheater and says if he wanted, he would have made me meet Tanuja before Rishi. He says Tanuja will leave him now, and his princess will also leave him. He asks beggar to tell what he shall do. Beggar says I am deaf, I can’t hear anything. AK laughs and feels pity on his luck. He asks the God why he hates him so much and starts walking on road. He falls down on road and is about to hit by car.

Rishi tells Netra that he is still married to Tanuja and will never marry. AK tells maasi that they will shatter once Tanuja leaves them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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