Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2018 Episode Written Update; Pragya Fools Aliya!

The Episode starts with Munni telling Aaliya that she started feeling pain again and goes to washroom. Pragya is there and they hug each other. Pragya tells her that she left kids in her friend’s house. Munni thanks her. Pragya says we have to do same thing in different way. She shares her plan. Aaliya asks her to come out fast. Pragya asks Munni to handle Tanu and says she will handle Aaliya. They change clothes. Munni says she can’t talk in proper hindi. Pragya says you have to do this. She comes out and tells Aaliya that she has a bad stomach. She thinks drama started and you will know what a wife and bahu do for their family. Aaliya asks Pragya to behave like Pragya and sign when Dadi asks her to sign infront of lawyer. Pragya asks what is your benefit? Aaliya says she will get the property

transferred on her name then. Pragya asks what you will do with Pragya then. Aaliya says she will kill her. Pragya thinks she is going to fail her plans.

Munni is coming towards Pragya’s room. Tanu thinks once she drinks water, she will faint. Munni comes there as Pragya and makes her fall. She says you was kashmiri apple, but now is rotten apple. She asks her to search someone who likes old models and feels good to taunt her. She comes to room and thinks Tanu must have added medicine in the water and thinks to fool her. Tanu peeps in the room, says you shall drink the water. Munni acts to feel hot and pretends to drink water, but throws it. Tanu thinks why she is not fainting. Munni says my head is shaking, I am fainting. Tanu comes inside and holds her. She thinks I will see her later. Munni thinks Pragya will teach you a lesson.

Dadi, Dasi and Disha come home. Simonika is upset. Dadi tells Abhi that lawyer called her and asks him not to tell Pragya about her will. Abhi says ok and thinks the killer couldn’t kill him because of Pragya, but killed Khan Chacha. Munni is in room and thinks Pragya shall come soon. Abhi comes there. Munni says you are a cow (innocent). Abhi says I will give you a gift. Munni asks God to save her respect. Abhi says gift is pending. Munni thinks wait for Pragya. Abhi says when you looks in my eyes, I remember the bungalow. Munni thinks what happened there.

Purab tells statue to disha.. Disha stands like statue. Purab kisses on her cheeks. Kuch toh hai song plays….Munni says Dadi is calling me. Abhi says I know you are acting. Munni resists his touch and falls on bed. Abhi is surprised.

Aaliya tells Tanu that they will take Munni as Pragya as per their plan. Pragya thinks her plan is going on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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