Kundali Bhagya 2nd February 2018 Episode Written Update; Janki Found ALive

Rakhi wakes Mahesh up as she was worried about what happened.
Sarla was crying for Janki. Karan asks Preeta why she is crying a lot, if Janki would return then. She looks ugly while crying. Preeta questions if he understands what she heard on phone, Janki is no more. If he is only concerned about the looks, and tells Rishab to take Karan away. Rishab requests Preeta not to be angry at Karan, but Karan is really soft hearted and emotional. Karan is as upset as he is. Rishab explains that Karan meant she looks terrible while crying, she is the eldest daughter and can’t feel strong. He explains to Preeta that when their father had a heart attack no one told him he looked terrible, he only understood after two months and wiped the tears of his family. Crying couldn’t make things better. He

hugs Karan and takes everyone to hospital.
Mahesh calls Rishab’s number. Rakhi was shocked to hear from Rishab that Janki is no more. Rishab cuts the call. Prithvi and Sherlin had hidden in the car. Sherlin was curious but Prithvi tells her to have patience, he wants to surprise her. He takes a different path than Rishab and Karan. Prithvi tells Sherlin to come outside, he is about to murder her. As she comes out of the car Prithvi brings out a bottle of beer for celebration. Sherlin says there is a huge tension in their life, and he is considering to celebrate. Prithvi tells Sherlin that Janki is dead. She is gone forever.
In the hospital, Preeta and others were happy to see the corpse wasn’t of Janki. They go to reception as Janki must be admitted somewhere in the hospital and alive.
Sherlin was cheerful of Janki’s dead. Prithvi was determined to destroy Karan, Rishab, Preeta and Shrishti. He will hurt them badly.
Preeta says the fruit vendor said that Janki bled badly. She can’t go home in such a state. The receptionist tells them that Janki is alive and being treated inside. She apologizes to them for giving the wrong information. Rishab completes the formalities while they head towards the ward.
Inside the hospital room, Sarla was furious over Janki and shouts at her while Preeta tries to calm her. Janki lay on the bed injured and her eyes opened. Preeta hugs Sarla and calms her down. She cries and hugs Janki in the bed. She says Janki is a family to them. Janki looked at Sarla with empty looks. Everyone else also comes in. Shrishti hugs Janki, and says they were desperately looking for Janki, and if found in the way she must have shoot Janki at first sight. Karan asks Janki if she is fine. Rishab inquires Janki why she had to come to their house so late at night. Shrishti asks if Janki remembers everything now. Janki signals her with a wink.
Preeta brings a grooming class brochure for Karan and teases him. It was a promotion of new show Meera

PRECAP: The family doesn’t let Rishab leave for office as its his mehndi function today. Rishab was shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona


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