Naamkaran 2nd February 2018 Episode Written Update; Neela Dies!

Avni fears that her happiness will be taken away from her. Vidyut’s man tampers with the fuse. Neil asks Avni not to fear as all her loved ones are around her. Neil promises that he will fill her life with happiness. Man informs Vidyut that the work is done. Everyone assembles for the family picture. Neela tells Avni and Neil that she has a surprise gift for them. Vidyut approaches the house. DD reaches the house and tells the guards to inform that there is danger. Guard informs Prakash that there is danger and he gets tensed. Lights suddenly go off and everyone gets tensed. Prakash goes missing. Vidyut enters the house. Prakash informs that Vidyut has entered the house. Neil instructs Ali to take all family members out of the hosue and he will hunt down Vidyut.

Avni tells Ali to take the family near the gate and she will distract Vidyut in the mean while. Avni loudly says that Vidyut cannot harm them as Neil will protect them. Neela is in the room and she searches for her phone. Neil takes family members out. Vidyuts’s men catch Shweta. Neela hears Shweta’s scream and gets tensed. Neil catches one goon and beats him up. DD instructs the guard that they will do gorilla attack on Vidyut. Family members are unable to escape because of the closed door. Neil and Vidyut get into a fight and Neil tries to take off his mask. Neil takes off Vidyut’s mask. Neil and Vidyut fight. DD instructs police station to send team to Neil’s house. Bebe and others try to escape. A goon catches Avni and chokes her. Ali reaches fuse box and tries to fix the light. Vidyut thinks that Neil will fall in his trap. Neil asks everyone to leave but Avni insist that she will stay with Neil. Avni worries for Neela but Neil says he will get her. Avni leaves with Ali and the others. Neil chases Vidyut. Bebe, Mishti and Avni leave the house and they don’t know where are the rest. DD comes there and DD tells them that he will help Neil. A storm starts off. Avni thinks of the day Aisha died. Flashback shows young Avni telling Neela that she has got a second mother. Flashback ends. Avni is very tensed and thinks that no one can snatch her family from her. Avni enters the house and DD tries to stop her but she does not listen. Neela is trapped inside the room. Neil enters the room and tells Neela not to leave the room. Neil asks Vidyut to come out and shoots towards him. Avni sees a goon and beats him up. Avni strangles a man with a pillow. Neil see Vidyut and asks him to stop or he will kill him. Neil shoots at Vidyut someone pushes Neil. Avni gets shot on her leg. Police arrives there and DD asks guards to fix the lights. Lights come on and Neil sees Prakash unconscious. Prakash gets up and Neil takes him. Avni is happy to see Neil and Prakash fine. Avni asks where is Neela. Neela comes walking slowly. Neil gets shocked seeing a bullet shot on Neela’s back. Neela falls down the stairs and Avni gets shocked.

Precap: Avni does Avni’s last rights. Avni remembers Dayawanti calling her a bad omen. Dayawanti’s ghost is seen taunting Avni. Avni says that she is indeed a bad omen.


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