Tu Aashiqui 2nd February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav saying your decision is related to the happiness of entire family, I want her to leave. Aparna stops him. He asks her to be quiet now, as she didn’t tell anything when she had the chance, she knew everything right, you knew everyone has to tolerate this, you have pushed all of us in this fire instead of stopping Ahaan. Aparna asks Richa and Kaira to go in, its elders’ talk. Richa asks how, its a common talk now, Manav is saying right. Kaira says we should think about Ahaan, he loves Pankti so much. Richa says its high time we think of others. Sheetal says enough, let there be a big argument today, what didn’t Aparna tell us, tell me Manav, don’t stop in riddles.

Manav says the problem is too big, you can’t handle this, I didn’t say anything when Anita

took 10 crores, when she created a scene, I accepted Pankti even after knowing her truth, but not anymore, I can’t see my family breaking. Pankti cries. Sheetal asks him why is he saying so, they all will manage. Manav says you can’t manage this burden. She asks what, that Pankti is a mistress, I will see who talks against her, I didn’t show my power till now, its time everyone knows it, I will deal with the media and society, enough now, Pankti has tolerated a lot.

She says this is my house, not yours or JD’s. She scolds Manav. Pankti cries seeing them arguing. Pankti recalls the happy times. Sheetal says I accept Pankti, she will stay in this house. Manav says you can accept Pankti, can you accept your sautan. They all get shocked. Manav says you can tolerate that Pankti is a mistress, what if I say she is JD’s mistress, can you accept Pankti now. Sheetal gets shocked and cries. JD worries. Pankti leaves. Sheetal asks what did you say. Manav says Pankti is JD’s mistress. She says no, this can’t happen. She looks at JD…..

Manav gives an angry stare at JD. Ahaan comes home with the ring. He sees the family members crying. Vikram says well done bro, see the truth has come out, your love story ruined our family, congrats. Ahaan asks where is Pankti. Aparna looks at the door. He says please tell me, she can’t go leaving me. Aparna says she left. He gets shocked. He says she can’t go. He runs upstairs to her room and shouts Pankti. Kaira says please dad….. Manav signs no….

Ahaan calls Pankti and gets her number not reachable. Sheetal goes upstairs thinking of JD. Ahaan cries. Aparna says we were afraid for this, we tried to hide this, it finally came out in front of everyone, Pankti couldn’t tolerate. They cry and hug. She sends him to find Pankti and not lose. Ahaan leaves. Sheetal recalls Manav’s words. JD comes to the room and gets scared of her silence.

He tries to hold her. Sheetal gets angry and says liar…. don’t know who I m, am I the one you loved, whatever you expressed, was it true, were your vows true, no, you never said truth, I couldn’t catch your lie, you just lived a dual life, you had relation with Pankti and got her home to continue the relation. He says no, I didn’t had this intention. She asks him what would he do, if Pankti got married in this house, would he still use her. She scolds him.

She says I always defended you, I slapped my son, I slapped Ahaan because I trusted you, I loved you JD, I never loved anyone else except you. He says I know you love me, love is still there, try to understand, whatever you have seen or understood is one side of the story. She asks are there more women in your life, it doesn’t matter now. She gets angry. She says I won’t stay with you, I m filing for divorce. He gets shocked.

JD says Anita was blackmailing me, swear on you. Sheetal slaps him. Ahaan goes to Anita and keeps a knife at her neck. Pankti walks on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena


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