Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 2nd February 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Mahek comes to Neev. He is crying. He is scared and hugs Neev. Karuna says I dont’ know whats wrong with him. He is always scared. The attendant says we should give him injection. Dolly says shut up. You are always giving him injections. Arman says he is doing his job. Mahek says aunt is right. I will take care of him. This man can go. Neev is always scared in his presence. Dolly says yes you can go we will take care of Neev. Arman’s man leaves. Arman says nothing will happen to my brave Neev. Mahek says yyou should all go and rest. I will stay here with Neev. Arman comes to his room. He is very angry. he says first Shaurya ruined my plan and now this Neev. My man is also out of this house now. I have to do something.
Neev is sleeping with Mahek. She falls asleep. Neev tries

to wake her up. Arman calls Nalini and says go to while chilies. This is our last chance to complete our plan. This plan will now be executed on home minister’s daughter’s wedding. We have to succeed in our mission.

Mahek wakes up. She says Neev? Do you want to say something? Please tell me. Neev is scared. He tries to tell Mahek about the mask. Mahke can’t understand. Neev hugs her and is scared. Arman and everyone comes. Mahek says he is really scared. Arman says let me call doctor. Doctor comes to check him. Mahek says he wants to tell me something. Doctor comes to check neev. He is also Arman’ss man. He says Neev is in pain. He needs specialized treatment in Singapore. Shaurya says thats not a problem. I will take him there. Maheks ays I will come too. He says no you have to be here in hotel. Please try to understand. Mahek says okay.

Scene 2
Next morning, Mahek prepares Neev for Singapore. Arman says to Neev if you try to tell anyone that I am not Shaurya I will kill your mom. Mahek comes and kisses Neev’s face. Karuna says don’t cry Mahek. Send him with good prayers. He will come back fine. Arman takes Neev to the car. Neev keeps doing the mask sign to Mahek. Amran says I will be back in three days don’t worry. Arman and neev leave. Nehal says please stay strong di.
Mahek comes to hotel. She is all lost. Home minister’s PA comes. He says I want to discuss wedding layout. Mahek is still thinking about Neev. She recalls what he was trying to say. PA says to Maahek are you listening? She says yes. Mahek calls Arman. She says can I video chat Neev? He says you can’t talk to him in hospital. He brings Neev to his shed. Arman takes off his mask. Arman says if you want to stay alive don’t try to contact your mom.

Mahek meets Kanta and Neev. Mahek says he is worried. He was crying and scared. Kanta says Shaurya is there for him. You have to take care of yourself. Come home with me. You will feel better.
Nalini calls Arman and says I have learned everything about the wedding.
MAhek comes to food truck to take the keys. She sees someone going to while chilies at night. Mahek says who is that? Mahek goes after him. Its Arman. Mahek recalls its the same man. She says its the same man. What is he doing here?

Precap-Shauyra sees Neev. He says what are they doing with Neev. He says I have to do something. Mahek says Nalini is here with a plan and that man is with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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