Naamkaran 5th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Neela falls down the stairs and Avni sees a bullet shot on her back. Neela takes her last breaths and Avni recalls Aisha dying. Ali calls for ambulance. Neela closes her eyes and Avni coaxes Neela to wake up. Neil cries and signals everyone that Neela has died. DD informs on phone that Neela has been murdered but Avni is not ready to accept this and says that Neela has just fainted. Avni keeps talking to Neela saying they are a perfect family. The doctor arrives and checks Neela and says they have to take her. Avni continues saying that Neela will be alright. Neil tells Avni that Neela is no more and Avni scolds Neil. Avni says that when she was shot in the chest, Neela had saved her.

Avni coaxes Neela to wake up. Neela is taken away on a stretcher and Avni screams and is out of control. Neil tries to calm down Avni. Vidyut meets Ragini and tells her that he has taken revenge by killing Neela. Ragini tells Vidyut that he betrayed her because of Avni. Vidyut says that he had gone to kill Neil but Neela came in the way and died. Ragini say that mother can do anything for child. Ragini tells Vidyut not to forget the truth that he has lost everything. Ragini tells Vidyut that he does not have Avni or his mother. Neela’s funeral starts. Neil asks Avni to do Neela’s last rites. Avni does the funeral rites and recalls her childhood with Neela and all their past moments. Neil thinks he is sorry for whatever happened. Avni kisses Neela’s forehead. Avni asks Neela not to leave her and go away. Avni imagines young Avni holding her hand as she puts fire to Neela’s dead body. Neil supports Avni as she burns Neela’s body. Avni hugs young Avni and cries. Neil hugs Avni as she cries.  (Naamkaran song plays). Everyone leaves but Avni sits there and it starts raining. Avni writes Neela’s name in the ashes. Avni imagines Dayawanti’s ghost telling her that she is defeated. Dayawanti calls Avni darkness and calls her a bad omen. Dayawanti tells Avni that whomever she loves will go away from her. Dayawanti says that Neela loves her so much and did so much for her but Avni gave her death. Dayawanti asks Avni to jump in the fire. Avni screams and says that she is indeed a bad omen for her loved ones. Precap: Neil tells commissioner and DD that Vidyut did not kill Neela as he had a knife in his hands. Neil realizes that he has shot Neela. Shweta hears Neil.


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