Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanuja, Maasi and Myra searching for Natasha. Tania tells Kanchal that she will return and have chocolate kept in fridge. Kanchal is upset. Tania goes. Netra tells Kanchal that her identity is because of Tania and she loves her a lot. She tells that Rishi and his family loves and respects her a lot because of Tania. She is known as Tania’s mom. Kanchal says you would have taken baby from orphanage. Netra is upset. Tanuja comes to tuition teacher and asks about Natasha. She tells about the birthday of Natasha’s friend. Tanuja comes there. Tania meets Tanuja and tells her that Natasha is not here.

Tanuja panics and calls AK, but he don’t pick her call. She cries and calls Rishi. She tells him that Natasha is missing and she has searched her everywhere. Rishi asks her to relax and says he will come there. Tanuja begins searching her on road. AK recalls Tanuja telling him that she really don’t know about the divorce. He is in the meeting. Rohit talks to the client. Ak leaves.

Rishi reaches there and asks Tanuja about Natasha. Rishi says she must have went to garden park or some neighbor. They enquire with the people on road. They hear about a little girl meeting with an accident. Tanuja and Rishi hear them and go there. They come to know that she is taken to hospital. Doctor tells Nurse that the body of the girl is kept in morgue, if her parents come then inform them. Tanuja and Rishi come there and asks Nurse about the girl. She tells that the girl is no more. Tanuja tells Rishi that she will not go inside the morgue.

AK comes home. Myra and Maasi inform him about Natasha. AK gets worried. Tanuja and Rishi come to the morque. Rishi sees the girl and nods no crying. Tanuja cries badly. Rishi pacifies her.

Tanuja and Rishi come to the Police station. Rishi asks lady inspector to file the complaint. She asks him to be patient and asks him to tell their names. Rishi and Tanuja tells their names as Natasha’s parents. Rishi looks on as Tanuja calls herself as Tanuja singh bedi.

AK asks Tanuja to decide between Rishi and him for Natasha’s sake and says he don’t want 50 50.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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