Kundali Bhagya 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Preeta’s Engagement On

Preeta hurries into the room then and straightens Janki with the help of Prithvi. He tells Preeta he was only taking her blessings but she fell off. Preeta tells Prithvi she is fine. Prithvi wonders how she got this injury on her head and she is unreactive towards anything. Preeta says she had an accident last night and has suffered a paralysis. The doctors fear she might never get well, but they are hopeful she will soon be fine. Prithvi shows pity for Janki and asks how it all happened. Preeta shares with Prithvi that Janki must know who attempted to kill her and they wish Janki can signal or write the name of the one. Prithvi takes her attention to the present as Janki is alive and fine. Preeta goes to get soup for her while Prithvi asks to stay with her. Behind, Prithvi makes fun of Janki again

as she can’t ruin anything about him now.
Kareena informs the family that Sanjana has fixed the wedding date from Pandit. Rakhi says it doesn’t feel suitable in such times when there was an accident in Sarla’s family. Sherlin takes the blame on her mother. Time is really not good, else this all wouldn’t have happened. She makes up that her fraternal parents aren’t cooperative. Her aunt already taunted over the delays in her marriage. She gets a fake call from driver and speaks as if it’s her mother and aunt, in an attempt to convince her. She later cries saying her aunt wasn’t ready to let any delays in the marriage. Rakhi agrees to keep the marriage in the given dates, and promises to keep the mehndi function tomorrow. Sherlin was happy now. Rakhi says the function must not be a grand one, as there is little time for preparations. Later Sherlin tells Kareena that it was all a made up story. Kareena smiles calling Sherlin quite cunning. Rishab was leaving for office but Rakhi stops him saying he needs to go for shopping today. Sherlin says it’s their mehndi party. Rishab was a little taken aback. Karan wonders how it is possible so soon. He must ask help from Preeta and at least get it postponed.
Sarla and Dadi return from temple. They appreciate Shrishti’s skills of Aarti singing. Shrishti gives the credits to Preeta. Prithvi and Preeta come outside. He agrees to have a cup of tea when Sarla insists, then takes the Prasad from Sarla and inquires what happened with Janki. Sarla asks why he came here so early morning. Prithvi says he wished to share something with them, but he wonders if anyone would trust him. Prithvi shares with Sarla that he has to go abroad within next two weeks; his mother has clearly warned that he can’t leave there bachelor. Sarla was tensed for all the preparations, Prithvi says he can delay the trip for another week. Sarla agrees to make the arrangements in three weeks. Preeta goes to get tea for them. Shrishti asks Prithvi why is he in such a hurry always, they need to think about Janki as well. Prithvi clearly says it’s about his career, and there is a problem every time he comes here and we can’t cease our lives for tensions in life. He asks Sarla if Shrishti doesn’t want him to marry Preeta. Sarla clarifies to Prithvi that there is nothing like this, and assures Prithvi that she will make all the preparations of the wedding. Prithvi apologizes Shrishti not to mind his talk, and says he feels lucky to have a cheery sister in law as Shrishti.
Shrishti comes to Preeta in the kitchen and hugs her from behind. She asks if she will leave the whole India, Mumbai and her family. Preeta smiles saying she will ultimately return here. Shrishti tells her not to leave. Preeta says she had a roka with Prithvi, people will now taunt if she doesn’t get married and what if Deepak returns? Shrishti says she doesn’t get good vibes of this marriage and Prithvi.

PRECAP: Karan was shocked to hear from Preeta about her engagement function within a week and says they are all in a hurry. He tells her about Rishab and Sherlin’s mehndi function tomorrow. Preeta was shocked this time. Karan tells Preeta to say a no for this marriage.

Update Credit to: Sona


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