Naamkaran 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil tells the commissioner and DD that the killer cannot be Vidyut as he had a knife in his hands. Neil recalls the he had shot the bullet. Neil says that he has shot Neela. DD tells Neil that they should wait for the fire arms report. Neil says that he will have to tell Avni about this. Avni and Ali are at Neela’s house as her things are getting packed. Avni breaks down and Ali asks Avni to take care.

Avni thinks about the past when Neela had told her to have kids. Neela tells Avni that she wants to play with her kids. Avni and Neela spend special moments together. Flashback ends and Avni thinks that there is only darkness without Neela. Avni thinks that she wanted revenge but in exchange she got this destruction. Avni sees Neela’s things and a man walks towards her.

Avni gets shocked to see that it is Vidyut. Avni warns Vidyut that she will kill him if she touches Neela’s things. Vidyut tells Avni that if she had agreed to him then all this would not have happened. Vidyut shows Avni the tickets he had booked for them. Vidyut tells Avni that he loves her a lot. Vidyut asks Avni to give his love one chance. Vidyut leaves saying that he will return soon.

Bebe tells Prakash that she is not getting any peace. Avni sees the temple in Neela’s house and thinks that she cannot move this. Neil comes there and comforts Avni. Later, Neil feeds Avni food emotionally. Shweta drinks coffee and Bebe scolds her for taking sleeping pills and then drinking coffee.  Bebe sees a medicine wrapper in the bin and questions Shweta about it.

Neil confronts Avni and tells her that he loves her and Neela maa a lot. Neil tries to tell Avni about what happened on the day of Neela’s death. Neil says that he mistakenly shot the bullet. Avni does not hear anything as she has fallen asleep. Bebe scolds Shweta for adding sleeping pills in Avni’s food.

Shweta tells Prakash and Bebe that Neil doubts that he has shot Neela. Shweta says that Neil was about to tell this to Avni and therefore she gave Avni sleeping pills so she would not hear Neil’s confession. Avni is asleep and Neil caresses her. Neil thinks about his past moments with Neela. Prakash scolds Shweta for interfering in Neil and Avni’s matter.

Shweta fears that there will be a big rift amid Neil and Avni. Prakash says that they cannot hide such a big truth from Avni. Shweta breaks down and tells Bebe that she needs her support to save Neil and Avni’s relationship. Bebe asks Shweta to promise that she will never do a wrong thing by adding sleeping pills in someone’s food. Avni dreams about her past moments with Neela.

Avni takes Neela’s name in sleep and Neil comforts her. Neil sings a lullaby for Avni emotionally. Neil kisses Avni on forehead and tells her that he wanted to fulfill all her wishes but their love got someone’s bad eye. Neil hopes Neela was alive. Neil hopes that the reports prove him innocent.

Precap:  Avni tells Neil that she knows he will make everything alright. Neil thinks about him shooting Neela.


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