Tu Aashiqui 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Anita Creates a Scene

The Episode starts with Pankti going to Ahaan. Some goons kidnap her. She tries to call him out. She recalls Manav’s words and gets quiet. Goons take her away. Ahaan looks around. Sheetal signs the papers. The lawyer asks her not to worry, he can do anything, her divorce is guaranteed. JD comes and looks on shocked. Vikram asks what happened to mom. Richa says she did right, I would have done the same if you did the same as JD, don’t forget. He says its not about us, its about mom and dad. She says exactly, I m with mom. JD asks who is he. The lawyer says I m Insaaf Verma, I m opposition lawyer in your case. Sheetal asks him to file divorce case. He says I will file adultery and domestic violence case too, JD will be going jail for 5 years. JD asks Sheetal what is she doing. Lawyer says you can’t

talk to my client directly, talk to me. JD says shut up. He asks Sheetal why is she breaking their house. She scolds him.

Manav says you should have stopped Ahaan. Aparna says you can scold me later, get Ahaan first, I m worried for him, I just wanted my children’s happiness, I didn’t knew the family will lose the peace. He argues.

He says I don’t have any problem with Pankti’s character, but our thinking is different, this thing had to come out some day, I m upset that I got this out in front of Sheetal, I m her culprit, you made me a culprit, and maybe Sheetal’s marriage breaks because of me. Aparna says no, I can’t see this family breaking, I will do my best to keep this family united. JD says please give me a chance, I can do anything to save this marriage, I did a big mistake, just think of our relation. Richa and Vikram come.

Sheetal asks JD is he saying true or lies, she doesn’t know, she just knows she has cheated her, he will be punished for this. Manav and Aparna come downstairs. Aparna tries to convince Sheetal. Sheetal says I will not forgive JD, some mistakes can’t be forgiven. Aparna says I can understand what you are going through, just think about family and children once. Vikram says please mom, I can’t see you two getting separated. Sheetal says I m thinking of children, we have to bear worse things if JD affects children. She tells Vikram that JD has already broken the marriage. Richa supports Sheetal. Vikram supports JD. Sheetal sends lawyer to prepare divorce papers. JD says no, that’s not needed. Sheetal asks lawyer to just leave. JD says Pankti is gone now, divorce is not the only way, please tell me what to do, I m ready to do anything. Anita comes shouting where is Pankti….

She says Pankti was here, where is she now, tell me. She says I know Manav made her leave the house. JD thinks Anita came at right time. He scolds her for coming. Manav says yes, I have made Pankti leave, you can do anything, I m not scared, what could I do, how would I let Ahaan marry Pankti after knowing everything. Anita says drama didn’t happen yet, it will happen now, I know she was insulted here, I will take revenge. He meets lawyer and asks him to help her. Lawyer asks for his fees. Anita says don’t worry about money, just tell me, what’s the punishment to provoke someone for committing suicide. They get shocked. The man says I can get that person punished for 7 years. Sheetal scolds him and makes him leave. Anita says what if you have sent the lawyer, I will file the case anyhow, don’t know what you told her, did Pankti commit suicide. Anita cries and does a drama that she loves Pankti. She says I will not leave anyone who made Pankti cry, I will take revenge. She sits there and refuses to go.

Sheetal recalls Anita’s words. She gets angry and holds Anita’s hair to drag her. Everyone gets shocked. Sheetal says this should be done with people like you, else families break, now tell me a word and show, I will murder you and hire that lawyer to defend me, you are blaming everyone, you don’t have a status to stand here. She scolds Anita. Anita says fine, tell me what will you call Pankti when Ahaan marries her, bahu or Sautan. She says what respect does this family have, where a son is marrying his uncle’s mistress, what respect does that wife has, whose husband keeps a mistress. Sheetal rages and slaps her.

Ahaan says Pankti has to come back hearing my voice. He shouts Pankti. Pankti asks servant on whose saying did he get her. She sees Monty and asks did you kidnap me, you are with JD right. She takes a knife when Monty comes towards her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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