Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Naira Upset

The Episode starts with Kartik going back to his room. Naira says I m feeling cold. Kartik says come close to me. They sleep. Kirti asks the men to load things in the van. They see the paint boxes spread. Servant says I have kept the things here, I won’t tell madam, she will fire me. They take the box away. Kirti sees Naitik talking on phone, smiling and holding roses. Naira asks Lav and Kush to finish food. They ask did you scold Kartik like this, so he came to our room to sleep, we have seen him in the morning. Naira gets shocked. Kartik asks them to come, he will drop them to school, they missed the school bus. They leave. Kirti says Naksh, I think…. I don’t know how to say, check his DP, I have found a new love in you. Naksh says so what. She says you are not understanding.

Naitik comes and asks Kirti to make them understand, does anything seem wrong. Naksh says no, she has become a wife now, she wants me to change DP every day. Naitik smiles and goes.

Naira and Suwarna get a new hairdo. Dadi says I m trying my best as I want to win the competition. Naksh calls Naira. She says thank God you remember me. He says yes, you can taunt me, Kirti’s dyed first samples are delivered, I was thinking to give her a treat, just we four. She says good idea. She tells this to everyone. Dadi says yes go, Naksh has called after all. Naira calls Kartik and asks him to come for lunch, Naksh invited. Kartik says you should have asked me before planning, I will message Naksh and apologize. He ends call and talks to someone. Naira says Kartik might not come, he is busy. Dadi says maybe he is helpless, you also refuse. Naira says no, I feel I should go, I m free, Naksh called me to celebrate Kirti’s success, I will go with Kartik later. She messages Kartik, that she is going and he may join them when he gets free. Kartik gets a call and says machines are sent, work won’t stop now, it was Shubham’s idea, thanks. Manish smiles and asks them to take a leave. Kartik thinks I can join Naira now. He gets a call. He gets shocked and asks what, accident….

Naksh compliments Kirti. She says we should order something, I m feeling hungry. He says fine, I will call Naira and ask. Naira says yes, I have reached. Kartik arrives. She turns to see and misses. Kartik says they said its some hospital, but this is cafe. His friends laugh. Kartik asks is this a joke. They remind Kartik’s similar joke done before. Kartik says I will leave. They ask him not to be angry. They go to same restaurant.

Kirti says I will call Kartik and ask if he got free. Naira says no, I have sent a message, he would have replied if he got free. Kirti says he can’t live without Naira, he would have come by now if was free. Naira wishes Kartik comes. She thinks to call him. Kartik thinks Naira will feel bad if I call her and say I m stuck here, as I refused to her. Waiter gives the bill. His friends make excuses to pay. Kartik smiles and says give me, I will pay. He gives the card. Waiter says card is declined. Kartik says try again. Waiter says maybe there is a tab on it. Kartik thinks what, Naira has set a limit on my card, without telling me. His friends laugh, and joke on him. Kartik gives another card. Naira gets the sms alert. She thinks this is same cafe, how did Kartik’s credit card payment get done here. She says I will go washroom and goes. She looks for Kartik. She says maybe I was thinking wrong, but that message, maybe he has given his card to his manager, or is it any fraud, I should tell him.

She hears Kartik. She turns and sees him. Naksh and Kirti come. Kirti says I told you Naksh, Kartik may get late, but he will surely come. Kartik hugs them. Naksh and Kirti leave. Naira says Kartik… He says not here, we won’t talk here, you are upset. She says you think I m a fool. He says don’t drag it. She says yes, you had ended the talk. He says you shouldn’t say anything till you know truth, my friends lied and got me here. She asks did they stop you from telling me, I got to know after getting the card swipe message. He says you didn’t tell me about setting limit for my card. She says yes, I did it, so that I don’t spend unnecessarily. He says you have embarrassed me.

She asks what did I do. They see a man selling corn and recall their old moment. Kartik asks the man to just go. He goes to his car. She goes to her car and sits. They both leave. Dadi and Suwarna see the lights and talk. Kartik comes home and goes looking angry. Naira comes and says lunch was good, I m tired, I will meet in morning. She goes. Dadi says Kirti said Kartik came to pick up Naira. Suwarna says maybe anger is affecting their relationship. Dadi asks what do you want to say. Suwarna says something happened between them, I didn’t see such distance before. Dadi asks will you blame me. Suwarna says you know the truth. Dadi says this is nothing new, we have seen their childish things, everything will be fine like before, you are worrying and making me worry.

Naira says its Shivratri tomorrow, you will become Shiv and I will become Parvati. Dadi comes and asks Naira did she tell Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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