Naamkaran 7th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Avni Gets to Know the TRUTH!

Shweta makes a booking on the phone for herself and Avni. Bebe asks Shweta were she is takin Avni. Shweta says that she has to take away Avni so that Neil does not tell Avni anything. Bebe asks Shweta to calm down and everything will be fine. Avni wakes up and looks at Neil sleeping next to her and kisses him. Avni cries looking at Neela’s picture and thinks about her advice to always be with Neil. Avni is sure that Neil will always be by her side. Avni kisses Neil’s cheek. Neil wakes up and the two of them romance each other emotionally. Avni cries and Neil tells Avni that he wants to take away her pain. Avni says that her pain will not lessen. Avni tells Neil that as long as he is with her, everything will be alright. Neil thinks about shooting Neela. Neil is about to tell Avni but Bebe comes to their house suddenly.

Shweta hears Bebe’s conversation with Neil and Avni. Bebe tells Avni that Shweta has booked Avni and her ticket. DD comes there and says that Ragini’s lawyer has filed a mercy plea saying that she is Mishti’s grandmother and only she can take care of Mishti. Avni and Neil are both shocked hearing this and say that court cannot grant her plea. Bebe asks Avni to calm down and return home. Bebe talks to Neela’s picture and hopes that Neil and Avni remain happy. Avni reaches home and tells Shweta they cannot leave without Neil. Neil calls Shweta and says he will come home soon. DD tells Neil that Ragini will create trouble if she gets out of jail. Neil tells DD that it seems that he is lying. Commissioner comes and says that he wants all files of Ragini’s plea. Shweta books a private villa and Avni asks her why she is doing so much expense. Bebe informs them that Neil will be late and they should leave for airport.  Prakash tells Avni that he is worried for her. Prakash tells Bebe that he is not happy with their plan as they should not hide truth from Avni. Bebe says that she is with Shweta as she is right. Shweta calls DD and DD tells her that he has kept Neil occupied so she can leave with Avni. Neil hears DD’s words. Neil asks DD to tell her the truth. DD reveals that Shweta wanted him to be away from Avni till the report comes. Neil realizes that Ragini’s mercy plea news was also false. Neil scolds DD. DD says that he is doing all this to make him and Avni united. Neil tells DD that he will tell Avni the whole truth. Avni and Shweta are about to leave and DD inform Shweta that Neil has come to know everything and he is coming over to talk to Avni. Shweta rushes Avni in the cab. Neil reaches home but Avni has already left with Shweta. Bebe confronts Neil and tells him that he should not tell Avni the truth and instead wait for the fire arms report to come. Neil says he cannot hide the truth from Avni. Bebe tells Neil that he will put Avni in bigger dilemma if he tells her the truth. Neil tells Bebe that no one can stop him. Bebe slaps Neil and tells him that he is Avni’s biggest support but his truth will snatch everything from Avni. Neil finally agrees not to tell Avni the truth and live like a coward. Neil says that he will never tell Avni that he has killed Neela. Avni comes there and hears everything.

Precap: Balu tells Vidyut that he has killed Avni’s mother so why will she marry him. Vidyut slaps Balu saying he has not killed Neela. Vidyut says that he has tampered with the monitoring device. Vidyut says that today he will marry Avni.

WU Credit:OU

Pic Credit: OU


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