Naamkaran: It’s Consummation Time for Avni & Neil?

Avni plans a romantic surprise for Neil. Avni will be dressed up beautifully in a baby pink sari and she will bring Neil to a beautifully decorated place. Avni takes the seven vows with Neil once again. Neil gets surprised seeing the wonderful ambience. Avni and Neil take wedding rounds around the fire. Avni wants to make Neil feel special. She tells him that she knows he is troubled by some matter.

Neil couldn’t tell her about Neela’s murder mystery. Neil renews the love vows. Avni too vows to support Neil through happiness and sorrow. She tells him that she will always be with him, and keep Neela’s last wish. She makes Neil fill the vermilion in her hairline once again.

Neil will put Sindoor on Avni’s forehead and kiss her romantically. Neil and Avni will embrace each other lovingly and promise their undying love. Will Neil and Avni finally consummate their relationship?

Pic Credit: OU


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