Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik going to change clothes. He checks the cupboard and throws out the clothes on the floor. Suwarna comes and hears the sound. She leaves. Naira and Kartik fall. They see each other. He thinks she is so adamant, she won’t say sorry. She thinks if not sorry, he should have said something else. Naksh holds Kirti close. Her phone rings. He asks her to avoid the call. She says its urgent call. She answers the call and asks Mr. Narang did he like the sample. Narang scolds her and says more than half of the products are stained, I want my money back, else I will spoil your reputation in the market. She gets shocked.

Naira sees Kartik sleeping with Lav and Kush. She thinks what’s such annoyance. She wakes up Kartik. He asks what happened. She

asks him to talk slow. He asks but what happened. She says you are sleeping here and I was sleeping alone there, can I ask why did you sleep here yesterday. He says we will go to our room. She says no, I won’t go till you tell me the reason. He says its nothing, come. She says first answer my question. He says fine, listen, I can’t sleep because of your snoring. She says no, I don’t snore, never. He says you always snore, I get scared, I can’t sleep, I either leave the room or come here, or I wait for your snoring to stop. She asks why didn’t you tell me. He says I thought you will feel bad. She says you still made me feel bad, sorry for troubling and thanks for genuinely telling me. He asks do you want excuse to get upset. She says I m not upset. He says don’t lie, I can see it. She gives him the quilt and says take this, I have habit to fight for the quilt every night, but kids can’t sleep without the quilt. She goes.

Suwarna says I spoke to Kartik and Naira separately. She recalls asking them why didn’t they come together. They both say different things. Suwarna says I know they have fought a lot before, but this fight looks serious, where there is argument, that fight gets solved soon, where there is silence, we should know the matter is serious, try to understand. Dadi says I don’t want to understand, every husband and wife have fights, you want me to accept that its my fault. Sh goes. Suwarna says I have always agreed to you, but this time I feel something is there.

Dadi asks what, you are newly married, your relation isn’t strong. Kirti says no, Naksh never questions me, family also supports me. Dadi says don’t be mistaken that they will always bear everything you do, Naksh is a good husband, but not like Kartik, I will give you money, give it to that businessman, where was your focus…. Kirti says I was worried about Naitik and Priyanka, they talk often, I have seen them on the dance event day too. Dadi asks is something going on between them, if anyone knows this… Kartik says Dadi please….. Kirti are you crazy, if they are talking, it doesn’t mean they have an affair, and Dadi how can you believe this. Dadi says I just felt so. He says I don’t believe it, all this is rubbish. Maid asks shall I make coffee for you, I m going to make it for Kirti. Naira asks did Kirti come. Maid says yes, she is with Dadi in library. Kartik says we know how it feels when someone says so about parents, we were kids, but felt awkward knowing about Manish and Suwarna, think if Naksh and Naira know…. Naira comes and greets Kirti. She hugs Kirti. Kartik asks Dadi to sign cheque book and send it by someone.

Naitik shows the new gems. Naksh says its really beautiful. Bhabhimaa asks him to choose one and make jewelry for Kirti. Rajshri says yes, you can gift her on Shivratri. Kirti comes. Baisa asks what did your Dadi give you, that you are holding the bag like that. Kirti says actually… Naitik says don’t worry, Baisa is pulling your leg. Bhabhimaa says its Maha Shivratri tomorrow, many guests will come. Kirti thinks I thought to call Narang’s man to give this money, what to do now. Surekha gets cash. Dadi says my work is done, prepare for puja well, don’t make any mistake. She stops Surekha and says there is something going on between Priyanka and Naitik. Surekha asks what, you mean affair.

Dadi says Naitik looks decent, how can he do this in such an age, what shall I talk to him, even his dad got remarried in old age. Surekha asks will they get married. Dadi says yes. Surekha says we will design our clothes. Dadi jokes. Suwarna and Naira come. Dadi says pandit will come in evening. Naira says when will puja happen. They say puja will happen at night. Dadi says you and Kirti can attend puja at both places. Naira says even you all can come.

Suwarna says Kartik and Naira will do that special prayers. Dadi says sure. Naira runs to Kartik and hugs. He lifts her. She says its Shivratri tomorrow, pandit will perform Shiv and Parvati’s marriage, I have seen many people do it in Rishikesh, we will do this now, you will become Shiv, I will become Parvati, it will be so much fun, I m really happy and excited. Kartik thinks we both will look funny, if I refuse, Naira will feel bad. He says Naira….. Dadi, Suwarna and Surekha come. Dadi asks Naira did she tell Kartik, he won’t refuse. Kartik says yes, I will do it. Naira thinks he didn’t say anything to me, but now he agreed, what happened between us that….. Suwarna looks on.

Aryan sends a mail. Suwarna asks shall I get something. Naira comes. Suwarna asks are you coming with us to the temple, is Kartik ready to become Shiv. Naira says yes, he is ready, that strange feeling will go. Aryan asks someone to check mail. Naira sees his laptop’s battery low and plugs the charger. She sees Kartik’s work folder and checks the files. She recalls Kartik’s words.

Kartik adorns Naira. Naira gives him sindoor. He fills the sindoor in her maang. Yeh rishta….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena


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