Ishqbaaz 8th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Shivaye and Anika meet Shweta. He says your Papa isn’t here. Shweta says thank God. Anika asks why are you scared of your Papa, don’t get scared, we are your friends. Shivaye says you know what’s pinky promise, when Anika and I want to share our secret, we make pinky promises, just like this. Shweta promises. Shivaye says we promise we won’t tell anyone that you tell us. Shweta makes them promise. She says he isn’t my Papa. They get shocked. Shweta says he is very bad, he has threatened my parents, he gave them money and forced me to act as his daughter, I m scared of him, don’t tell anything to him, else he will give me poison in the sweets. Shivaye says nothing will happen to you. He hugs her.

Om says we don’t know anything about Tej, he came to take us, we didn’t agree, as he

faked a heart attack. Jhanvi says but when I spoke to him, he said you all are together. Om says maybe he lied, I m sure he would be planning to separate us right now. Jhanvi says I hope he is not in any trouble. Shivaye says how did we become fools, he lied to us, and we blindly believed him. Anika says we didn’t have a reason to doubt on him, its good that we know his truth, don’t blame yourself. Shivaye says there won’t be any plan, I will talk to him face to face, I want to know from him, what’s his problem. She asks him to stop. Shivaye goes to upper floor. Anika says its not right to go like this. They see the house emptied. Anika says everything is gone, did Veer run away. He says he is not someone to flee. She says maybe he learnt that we learnt his truth. He says maybe he is planning something big, but where did Veer disappear.

Veer says this is called mastermind, Shivaye and Anika won’t know what will happen with them, and who’s doing it, Shwetlana was right, just an Oberoi can ruin another Oberoi. He sees Tej in back seat. He says you made Shivaye and Anika leave the house, and now you are taking away everything from them, poor guys, where will they go, a new problem is going to arrive in their life.

Some men walk in Oberoi mansion. The man asks the staff to do marking and make a list. Om asks who are you, what are you doing. They all ask what’s happening. Om shouts stop… Official says its a govt order, we are doing our duty, this house is getting auctioned. They get shocked. Om asks what nonsense. The man asks him to read the paper, he looks educated. Om reads the papers. The man says your house will be auctioned in two hours. Shakti says this house belongs to Oberoi family, how can you auction this house without the sign of an Oberoi. The man says it has Oberoi’s sign. Om says Tej has signed. They get shocked seeing the auction board. Soumya smiles and says now I understand why Veer didn’t stop them in Goa. Shivaye says I feel Veer played a big game with us, I m his enemy, I m okay if he is after me, if he tries to hurt my family. I won’t leave him.

Om says Tej can’t give up money, its a misunderstanding. The man says you never know when heart changes, its Tej’s sign, confirmed, Oberoi family will lose reputation along with the mansion. Monali sees Shivaye and Anika and tries to run. She says I forgot my phone…. Anika catches her and says first tell us about you. Shivaye asks where is Veer. Monali says I don’t know. Anika says you don’t know about your husband. Monali says he is not my husband. They get shocked.

Gauri and others try to stop the men. Shakti tries to talk to minister. Jhanvi says please stop them, I beg you. Om’s paintings are taken away. Gauri cries. Monali says I m an actor, he paid me to act as his wife, he called me and said my work is over, I should take my stuff and leave, I forgot my phone. Anika jokes that wives come on rent these days, that’s great, he hired a wife and child too. Shivaye asks who is involved with Veer, what’s his motive. Monali says I don’t know anything. He shows money and asks now. She says even if you pay me ten times more, I can’t tell you anything. Anika asks why, why do you love your fake husband. Monali says not love, fear….. Om argues with the official. A man takes ShivOmru’s photo frame. It falls down and shatters. They all get shocked. Rudra catches that man’s collar angrily. Another man stops him. Monali says Goa is Veer’s Lanka, even time works according to him, if I tell you anything, he will kill me. Anika says tell us everything, he can’t do anything. Monali says even wind can’t blow without his permission, I don’t even stand a chance, no one can mess with him, not even you, you can neither fight nor escape, you can only lose to him. They get shocked. Monali says I have nothing to do with Veer, let me go, else he will kill me. She runs. Anika sees Shivaye.

The man says your house is getting auctioned, if you raise hand on govt employee, you can land in jail, leave him. Om hugs Rudra and says calm down, everything will be fine. Dadi says nothing will be fine, not just this house is getting auctioned, but also my husband’s dreams, memories, this house will be saved when Ram’s vanvaas ends. Shivaye is shown. Ram Ram…..plays…. Dadi says until Shivaye returns, this house can’t get saved. Omru and everyone cry. Dadi shouts Billu, where are you, come back, save your house. Tia looks on. Dadi says save your family’s respect, your Dada ji’s dreams, my values….. They all cry.

Om says I have to call Shivaye. He calls Shivaye. The man takes the phone and asks what are you doing, using a phone during the auction is illegal. The men price the things. The man says collect their mobiles and cut landline wire. He says till auction process is completed, you are not allowed to contact anyone. Gauri asks the men will they auction the Lord idol too, stop. Dadi says don’t dare to touch the idols. The man says if we don’t touch it, how will we auction it. Dadi says I will see who auctions it, Siya Ram’s place is in temple, not in an auction, if this house’s Ram comes to know of this, it won’t be good for you, leave it. The man says I m losing patience, move off. He makes her away. Omru shout Dadi and catch that man, while Dadi falls away. Shivaye comes and holds Dadi. Ram Ram….plays….Everyone sees Shivaye and Anika. Dadi cries and hugs Shivaye.

Dadi says I knew you would come, you won’t let this house get auctioned. Everyone cries. Dadi hugs Anika. Anika says don’t worry now, your Billu is back, he will make everything fine. Shivaye catches that official and punches him. He says you are lucky to be at our door, I have spared your life, else I would have killed that man who misbehaved with my Dadi. Omru hug him. Gauri and Bhavya hug Anika. They all hug Dadi. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…..

Shivaye sees Pinky crying and goes to her. Shivaye takes Shakti’s blessings. Shakti hugs Shivaye. Pinky holds Shivaye’s hand and cries. She says look at what has happened with your family. Shivaye says Shivaye’s mum has no right to cry, not allowed. He holds her face and wipes tears. She hugs him. Anika takes Shakti’s blessing and hugs.

The man says he has raised a hand on a govt employee. Rudra says be thankful that he only raised his hand, he didn’t kill you. The man says your arrogance will end soon, you will lose it when this house is auctioned. Shivaye says Oberoi mansion was ours, it is, and will always be ours. The man says Oberoi mansion will surely be auctioned, no one can stop it. Shivaye says Shivomru constructions, remember one thing, till Shivaye is alive, no one can harm his family. They all say that Oberois never lose and never give up.

Update Credit to: Amena


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