Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 8th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Decision Time

The Episode starts with Rano telling that Natasha came to asked Rishi if he is her Papa. Ahana asks what did you say? Rishi says she said AK is her father. Rano asks do you want to lose Natasha’s custody case and says they all want to welcome Tanuja. She scolds Ahana and asks Rishi to make her understand. Myra tells AK that she is making something for Natasha. AK says if she don’t come. Natasha comes there, hugs AK. Myra asks why did you go without informing us. Natasha says she is already in stress and tells that Rishi’s mum is a bad girl. AK says I don’t like her. Ahana tells Rishi that Natasha took auto and came to our house, and was ordering me like you, she is just like you. Rishi says she is my daughter, and is smart, intelligent and brave. Ahana asks when Tanuja and Natasha loves you then

what is the problem. Rishi says Tanuja is not understanding it and says even God don’t want to separate them. Ahana thinks there is something wrong for sure.

AK recalls about Rishi and Tanuja’s words about their divorce and gets stressed. Raj asks Rishi to give sometime to Tanuja and asks him not to force her to come here. He says I want her to come with her wish. Rishi says it will be good if she comes with her wish. Raj says let her realize that she wants to come here, stay with you and all of us.

AK comes to Tanuja and says he wants to talk to you. He says previously he didn’t care whom she meets, because she was his caretaker and Rishi was not in her life. He asks her to decide between Rishi and him. He says if you want to stay with me then I will get your divorce happen fully. Tanuja says if I am staying here then it means I am doing my job here as a caretaker. AK says I don’t want you as a caretaker and says now our relation is changed. I can’t live this 50:50 life and asks her to decide. He says if you decide to stay with me, I will become your husband and Natasha’s father, but will not ask for anything from you. He says if you choose Rishi then what will happen to his live in relation wife and daughter, what will happen to you and asks her to decide. He says he really loves Natasha and wants her to be with him. Tanuja looks on.

Rishi tells Manpreet that when Natasha called him Papa. Then Rano came and said that she is AK’s daughter and I am Tania’s father. He says she said that she did it for her betterment. Manpreet says mom did right and asks him to think about Natasha. Rishi says don’t know what Tanuja might be thinking. Tanuja thinks about Rishi stopping her marriage with AK. She calls him. Rishi picks the call and understands Tanuja is on line. Tania and Netra comes there. Tanuja hears her and ends the call.

Kanchal says Tania wanted to come here so she brought them. Netra asks Rishi to finish her talk on phone. Rishi calls on Landline number. Servant tells him that Tanuja went to AK’s room. Tanuja goes to AK’s room. AK asks her not to take care of him and says he don’t want her to be caretaker. Natasha says she will be his caretaker always. AK says you have to take a decision and your decision will decide our future. He thinks if you decide to go back to Rishi, then don’t know what will happen.

AK tells Tanuja that he can’t bear to see her love for Rishi. Tanuja says her love for Rishi will never end even after her death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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