Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Pragya sending Purab and Disha out to make them spend some quality time. Mitali thinks to inform Aaliya and make her jealous. Purab tells Disha that Pragya is right and they shall go out sometimes. Disha says she got worried when Pragya scolded her. He plays song. Kuch toh hai plays. Disha says we shall take gift for Pragya.

Tanu waits for Mitali to bring breakfast and scolds her when he comes there.. She starts eating. Mitali says Pragya started drama downstairs. Aaliya asks what is her new drama now. Mitali says today she came prime minister. Tanu says she will go on a world tour with him while Pragya is busy. Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks Mitali to continue. Mitali says Pragya sent Purab and Disha for a romantic date and asked him to go on shopping, have food outside

all day. Tanu thinks it is good that I have something and thinks Aaliya will either take out anger on Mitali or her. Mitali says I have an idea to spoil their date. Aaliya asks her to get out. Tanu asks her to have sandwich. Aaliya says her stomach is full when Pragya insulted her. She says now she can’t be at peace until she burns her in revenge fire.

Purab tells Disha that he will take her to Mumbai’s best mall. Disha thinks what she will do there, and asks him to take car backside, and says she wants dupatta from a local shop. Purab says I want to take you to Mumbai’s biggest mall and you want to do road side shopping. Disha insists. Purab agrees and says I want you to be same always. She asks him to be same always. They get down from the car. Purab asks her to be there and says he will park the car and come. Sangram Singh is there talking to someone and says he took this land on lease and asks for the payment. Man asks him to give him some time. Sangram threatens to beat him. He sees Disha and Purab at the shop and recalls Disha slapping him, Abhi telling him that he is beating him in his city. He thinks his terror will start now.

Abhi calls Purab. Pragya says he is not here and asks him to tell what he wants. Abhi says I don’t have time and will not talk to you. Pragya asks him to think he is Purab and tell her what is the work. He says someone says right and thinks she is running behind him as he is angry. He takes her with him.

Purab and Disha talk about their relation. Sangram thinks where did they go, they were here sometime back. Disha gets clothes for everyone. Purab says you haven’t bought anything for you. Disha says there is a fun in surprise. Purab says ok and asks her to buy anything. Sangram calls Bali and asks him to come where he dropped him. Bali asks did you see rockstar Abhi. Sangram says he saw Purab and Disha. He thinks now lets see who will rescue you.

Purab tells Disha that he have to buy for men of the house. They go to men’s shop and buys kurta pajama for Abhi and him. He says he is eagerly waiting for valentine’s day more than Shivratri. Their heads collide and they smile.

Sangram hits Purab with the truck. Purab gets severely injured and falls on road. Disha shouts Purab. Pragya calls on Purab’s number. A man picks call and says he found phone on road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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