Naamkaran 8th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Vidyut Turns Obsessive!

Avni hears Neil and Bebe’s conversation. Shweta panics and tries to stop Neil from speaking. Shweta says that the reports have still not come and Neil may be innocent. Avni tells Shweta that she cannot understand her pain. Avni says that first she lost Ayesha and now Neela. Avni understands that Shweta wanted to send her away so she would not know the truth. Bebe, Shweta and Prakash admit that they made all this plan to stop her from knowing truth. Avni says that she has got her perfectly family who are lying for her happiness. Avni says that she does not believe that Neil has killed her mother. Avni says that she trusts that Neil is innocent. Neil says that he himself does not know the truth.

Avni says she is sure he is innocent. DD comes there and says that Neil is innocent as Neela was shot by someone else’s gun. Neil reads the report and gets relieved. Neil cries and everyone consoles him. Avni sees young Avni, Young Avni tells her not to forget that Vidyut is still there who is evil just like Dayawanti. Young Avni reminds Avni that Vidyut may snatch her family from her again. Neil promises Avni that he will not spare the one who has killed Neela. Prakash hugs Avni and tells her that he is like her father and he will help her get justice. Young Avni gets emotional. Avni is asleep and Neil looks at her and thinks that Avni is the best gift given to him by Neela. Neil leaves but Avni pulls him to her. Neil gets a message that suspect is in custody. Vidyut dresses up as a groom. Vidyut scolds the designer and warns to kill him. Vidyut asks Balu to arrange for caterer and other wedding things. Balu asks Vidyut if he has gone crazy. Balu tells Vidyut that his wedding is a myth. Vidyut says that he is sure Avni will come. Balu tells Vidyut that he has killed Avni’s mother so why will she marry him. Vidyut slaps Balu and says that he has not killed Neela. Vidyut says that he had tampered with the monitoring device that night so they don’t have any evidence. Vidyut asks Balu about the whereabouts of the man who supplies them guns. Balu says that he has sent him to Nepal. Avni is angry as Neil left without her and plans to go to police station. Avni sees that Neil has left poha for her. Bebe comes and says that she has made muesli for her. Avni says she will eat both. Bebe says Neil has left a note for her. Neil writes in the letter that she should not worry as he will hunt down Neela’s killer. Bebe asks Avni to stay at home as Neil will handle everything. Avni eats little and leaves. Vidyut ask Balu to find the man who got them the gun. Neil interrogates a man who is the gun seller. Commissioner calls Neil. Vidyut comes to know that the gun seller has been taken in custody. Vidyut slaps Balu and scolds him. Balu asks Vidyut to forget Avni as she will destroy all of them. Vidyut asks Balu to shut up. Balu tells Vidyut to forget his obsession with Avni as she does not love him and loves Neil. Vidyut gets angry and strangulates Balu. Vidyut stops himself from killing Balu and asks him to help him get Avni as he loves her a lot. Avni reaches police station and hears that the gun seller has been caught. Avni thinks she will have to do another unlawful act.

Precap: Vidyut gets Avni to a decorated room and begs her to marry him. Vidyut warns that he will destroy Neil’s family if she does not marry him.


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