Tu Aashiqui 8th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Ahaan Strangles Anita!

The Episode starts with Poorva asking Pankti to forget Ahaan, he will also forget her, its time for a new start. Pankti cries. JD asks his man to find Pankti. Anita comes to him. She says don’t worry, I will continue my drama till your divorce stops. He says it means you know where is Pankti. She says you kidnapped her. He says don’t act smart, tell me where is Pankti. They get shocked seeing Sheetal. Uday says this video is getting viral, everyone is supporting you, this will surely reach Pankti, don’t lose courage. Ahaan says battery is going to end. Uday says I will request. They get a video from a fan. The girl writes she is his big fan, her friend has seen a girl’s kidnapping, she hopes this girl is not Pankti, all the best. Ahaan checks the video. Ahaan gets shocked and sees himself in

the video too. He says right in front of me, I felt Pankti around, but I couldn’t do anything, who can do this, why will anyone kidnap her, I think I know it, thank this fan for sending this video. Uday says just tell me who did this. Ahaan goes.

JD says Anita ruined my family. Sheetal scolds him. JD says I will just kill this greedy woman. Sheetal says fine and gets a knife. She asks JD to kill Anita and prove it, that he wants to make everything fine. JD says but…. Sheetal taunts him. She says you were asking for a second chance, see you wasted it. Anita says you are threatening to kill me, shall I call police. JD shouts shut up. He apologizes to Sheetal. He says I have a weak heart, I can’t kill anyone, our relation can’t be weak, we have been together for 25 years, I won’t be able to live without you, please give me a chance. Sheetal says fine, I will call my lawyer. JD smiles. Sheetal calls her lawyer. She says I asked you to prepare divorce papers, stop that for a while. JD and Anita get happy. Sheetal says we will make some other documents, my new will, I want to remove JD’s name from my properties and companies. JD and Anita get shocked. Sheetal says I didn’t know you, but now I know you, my decision won’t change, start thinking about your new life, it will be too tough for you, you have to do a job, you won’t be owner of my company. She goes.

Anita asks can Sheetal really do this. JD says this happened because of you. He goes to Sheetal. Ahaan comes to Anita’s house and shouts Anita Sharma, tell me where is Pankti, you got her kidnapped. Maid asks what happened, Anita is not at home. He asks where did she go. She says don’t know. He gets angry. He sees Pankti’s pics in her room and cries. Pankti misses him and reads her diary. Ahaan says I will find you, wherever you are. She hears her dad’s voice. He says I always told you, no one can make a better home than my Pankti. Pankti says Papa and turns to see him. She hugs him and cries. She says house making is not easy in reality, its just a dream, my dreams just like to stay as dreams. Her dad says you have to work hard. She says I m not able to do this, Anita decided for my life, she has used me, so I have become a thing, Ahaan decided to love me, I have become his love, I forgot what I want, who am I, I depended on people, I feel I got habitual to support, I will fall down if I try to stand on my feet, I don’t want to live this way, what shall I do. He hugs her. He says there is just one way to live. She says that I become my own support. She smiles. She turns and doesn’t find him. She looks around. She sees a music drawing. She recalls her dad’s words.

Ahaan walks on the road sadly. He tries to find Pankti. Pankti is in her car. She sees Ahaan and asks driver to stop the car. Aparna calls Ahaan and asks about Pankti. He says someone kidnapped Pankti, I can’t live without her, I will die. He holds Pankti’s car and cries. He keeps his hand over the window glass. Pankti hides her face. She touches his hand at the either side of the glass. Tere liye….plays…. Aparna asks Ahaan to come home, just JD and Anita can kidnap Pankti, they both are at home. Ahaan disconnects the call. Pankti looks at him. She asks driver to drive. She leaves.
Ahaan suffocates Anita’s neck and asks about Pankti. Anita says she is dead…. Pankti comes to a music school. Ahaan collapses.

Update Credit to: Amena


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