Naamkaran 9th February 2018 Episode Written Update


Avni apologizes Neil while he keeps on ignoring her. Avni gets romantic and calls him my Neelu and says sorry. Later, Neil starts laughing. Avni shouts him for acting angry. Neil asks Avni if she will work as an interrogate in police force. Avni gets happy knowing this. Neil says he will make her join as soon as Vidhyut’s case gets over. Neil gives her a kiss and runs away. Later Avni gets ready and he looks for her everywhere. Neil enters the room decorated full of rose petals and candles. Neil keeps on calling Avni. Later, Avni comes there and she says that the power is not gone while she did it purposely.


Avni promises Neil that she will keep him in her heart and no one will take his place in her life. Avni promises that she will take care of his family and their love will keep growing day by day. Later, they renew their wedding vows and get cosy. Avni is happy while Neil falls asleep. Avni recalls her moments with Neil and she kisses Neil.


Vidhyut takes Avni to a room and he shows her the bed of rose petals. Vidhyut asks Avni to marry him. Avni refuses. Vidhyut says he will destroy Neil’s family if she refuses to marry him.


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